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15 Creepiest Found Footage Horror Movies Of All Time You Can Never Watch Alone

Weekend’s coming. And some of us closet psychopaths like to wrap ourselves in a blanket and watch horror movies. Have your fill with our pick of the greatest found footage horror movies of all time.


Five friends – Brian, Dora, Matt, Todd, and Elizabeth are camping in the woods of East Texas. The area is famous for Bigfoot sightings which the group does not believe. But when the actual bigfoot starts stalking them and killing them one by one, what used to be just a legend becomes a living nightmare.


Six friends receive a message from one of their deceased friends during a video chat session. They pass it off as a prank. But then a game of cat and mouse begins.


Two friends are exploring Europe when one of them contracts a mysterious illness. As the duo race against time to find a cure, the illness starts turning the afflicted into something inhuman and monstrous.

Apollo 18

Three astronauts are sent to the moon to collect lunar rock samples. But the mission goes awry when the three men discover something or someone is stalking them. It soon becomes a battle for survival.


A group of people in New York are suddenly caught in the crossfire of a battle between the US Armed Forces and a giant monster that attacks the city. But along with the monsters come a ton of other creepy surprises nobody’s ready for.

The Conspiracy

A crazy conspiracy theorist catches the attention of two young film makers. The duo are only in to cash in on the guy’s delusions. But sooner than later, they realize the guy just might be speaking the truth. What happens next will give you nightmares.

The Fourth Kind

People start mysteriously disappearing in the vast white wilderness of Alaska. Nobody knows the reason for these events. But a young psychologist discovers something terrifying – the kidnappings are actually alien abductions and the abductors know she is onto them.


Two reporters find themselves locked inside a building that is quarantined by the CDC. Inside the building, a mysterious virus is turning people into flesh eating violent zombies. Quarantine is a beloved found footage franchise. The sequel was not as good as the original.


Kate, a woman who loves to party, suddenly wakes up inside a locked up London tube station. It seems abandoned and way too silent. So she heads into the labyrinth of tunnels looking for a way to get out to the surface. Someone else is following her.


Four lowlifes who make money by posting their violent content on the internet are given an assignment. They have to steal a VHS tape from an old house. But when they find a dead pensioner and dozens of more tapes, all hell breaks loose.

As Above, So Below

Scarlett Marlowe is an archaeologist who has spent all her life in search of the mythical Philosopher’s Stone. The stone can supposedly grant immortality and turn metal into gold. She discovers the stone is hidden within the catacombs of Paris. Assembling a team, Marlowe enters the catacombs without a shred of realization that this expedition is going to be her greatest nightmare.


Rec’s premise is somewhat similar to Quarantine. This 2004 Spanish horror thriller explores two reporters and a fire fighting team trapped in a building after a mysterious zombie viral outbreak. Rec scores higher on this list because it’s jump scare scenes are freaking legendary.

Paranormal Activity

Katie and Micah are a young couple that moves into a suburban neighborhood. After a string of strange occurrences , the couple install hidden cameras throughout the house. What they find next would give anyone the creeps. This movie is credited for being made on a shoestring budget, making almost a thousand times more in terms of profits.

The Blair Witch Project

Three students decide to go into the Maryland backwoods. They intend to explore the local folklore of the Blair Witch incidents, a supposed evil witch that lives in the wilderness. The trio loses their map and gets lost in the forest. Things soon take a turn for the worse when they start experiencing supernatural events.

Grave Encounters

A reality show crew locks itself inside an abandoned mental asylum with an infamous history. The crew wanted to increase the views of their show. But paranormal forces trap the people inside the asylum as the dark of the night unleashes a whole new level of terror on the group.