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15 Cringey Things Celebrities Did At The Beginning Of The Pandemic

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t an easy time for any of us. That includes some very known faces of showbiz. While it’s impotant to keep your phone away for some time, one needs to avoid shitposting too. Take a look at 15 cringey things that celebrities did at the beginning of the pandemic:


1. Vanessa Hudgens made a video about the inevitability of people dying from COVID and talked about “respecting the virus”

2. Sia posted a drawing that literally meant nothing. If you understand, please explain in the comment section below.

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3. Bette Midler showered praise on housekeepers and national brands because it seemed she had never cleaned or cooked before.

4. Jennifer Lopez would keep us posted with pictures and videos of her gorgeous/scary house that gave us major Parasite vibes.

5. Priyanka Chopra clapped to her own house lawn on a random Sunday.

6. Drake flexed shared a snap of his private, full-size basketball court and captioned it to be his “life for the next however long.”

7. Sam Smith documented their breakdown sitting inside his £12M home. I wonder who was sitting there taking pictures of them having an emotional breakdown…

8. Katy Perry shared a video on Twitter of Italian people singing her song “Roar” from their balconies. It later turned out to be a fan-made hoax. 

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9. Madonna also fell for the same thing. She was led to believe that people were singing her song “I Rise.”

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10. Jaime King made an entire weird video where she thanked the coronavirus for bringing people together

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11. Evangeline Lilly boasted on social media about not socially distancing with this post.

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12. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a video where he told us to socially distance as he sat in his Jacuzzi smoking a cigar.

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13. While people were wiping groceries in their studio apartments, Billionaire David Geffen wished them prosperity from his private yacht.

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14. Kim Kardashian tried to explain to us the importance of social distancing. She was however sitting literally across the table from her mother.

15. Jennifer Aniston shared this picture of her dog having “deep quarantine” thoughts.

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