15 Dragon Ball Z Characters Get A Re-Design In Samurai Style

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Produced by the Toei Animation. DBZ is the sequel to the Dragon Ball show adapted from the final 519 chapters of the manga series, which got published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from the year 1988 to 1995 before it was taken up as a TV series. 


Akira Toriyama was the one who created this fantastic franchise in the form of comics, which later got fame between fans when it got its own TV show. 

So what was it all about? 


DBZ was all about the sequel of the original Dragon Ball and followed Goku’s adventures, who, with the help of the Z Warriors, protect the earth from evil being. 

The only thing that is more iconic than the phenomenal visual of DBZ’s various characters is their transformations and the different variants created on those transformations by fans since the end of the series. 

As DBZ gained a lot of fans not only in Japan but worldwide, it became a successful series and was loved by many, so much that fans created some of the fantastic fan-art. 


An artist named Kenji893 at Deviant-Art created an awesome Dragon-Ball Z fan art by mixing the culture of DBZ with Japan’s history of the samurai warriors. 

Sounds ferocious, let’s pop into it. 

#1 Samurai Vegeta:


#2 Samurai Son Goku:

#3 Samurai Broly:

#4 Samurai Trunks:


#5 Samurai Gogeta:

#6 Samurai Son Gohan:

#7 Samurai Piccolo:


#8 Samurai Bulma:

#9 Samurai Frieza:

#10 Samurai Androids:


#11 Yokai Buu:

#12 Samurai Perfect Cell:

#13 Samurai Goku Black Rose:


#14 Samurai Super Saiyan 3 Goku:

#15 Samurai Vegito Blue:

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