15 Eyebrow-Arching Celebrity Couples That We Bet You Never Knew About

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Do you often look at certain celebrity couples and wonder how they got together? Here are 15 of the most eyebrow-arching celebrity couples that we’ve seen in the recent past:



Mila Kunis & Macaulay Culkin

Eyebrow-Arching Celebrity Couples

Long before Mila Kunis was dating her That 70s Show costar Ashton Kutcher, she had an eight-year-long relationship with Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin. She takes full accountability for the terrible split. Culkin and Brenda Song now have a child together and Mila is married to Kutcher.


Cher & Tom Cruise

The Goddess of Pop, Cher was once linked to the Top Gun star in the mid-80s. The duo met at a White House event for notable people with dyslexia. Cher counts Tom Cruise as one of the top 5 lovers of her life.

Amy Poehler & John Stamos


In an interview with Howard Stern, the Parks and Rec star claimed that she rebounded from her divorce from Will Arnett with John Stamos.

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller

Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe was once married to a playwright who wrote Death of a Salesman for a span of 5 years.


Billie Piper & Chris Evans

After she left her pop career behind and hadn’t starred in Doctor Who, Billie Piper married Brit radio host Chris Evans, when he was 35 and she was just 18.

Jessica Biel & Chris Evans

Eyebrow-Arching Celebrity Couples

Before marrying the Sexyback hit-maker, Jessica Biel had an on-and-off relationship with future Captain America for around five years. The duo was once even spotted skydiving for Valentine’s Day.


Katy Perry & Johnny Lewis

Long before she became a global icon, Katy Perry dated the future Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis. Lewis was accused of killing his landlady before accidentally falling to his death in 2012.

Jeff Goldblum and Tania Raymonde


You may not know Tania Raymonde’s name, but you might recognize her from Lost or as Malcolm in the Middle’s girlfriend. Goldblum dated her when she was 21 and he was 56.

Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett

Okay, this one we knew, but the unlikely pairing never quite stuck with us. America’s Sweetheart Julia Roberts married the country singer only three weeks after meeting him.


Sandra Bullock & Ryan Gosling

Despite being 16 years older, Bullock dated her Murder by Numbers co-star Ryan Gosling. Considering how public his relationship was his The Notebook co-star, we’re surprised this didn’t make more tabloids.

Martha Stewart & Anthony Hopkins

Eyebrow-Arching Celebrity Couples

Stewart once dated Sir Anthony Hopkins but dumped him after seeing The Silence of the Lambs because she couldn’t unsee him as Hannibal Lecter


Ted Danson & Whoopi Goldberg

The two comedians dated for 18 months. Danson received a lot of criticism when he wore blackface and used the n-word during a roast of Goldberg at the Friar’s Club in 1993.

Ashley Olsen & Lance Armstrong


Olsen and the renowned athlete dated in 2007 when she was 21 and he was 36. Their 15-year age gap became the ultimate cause of their split.

Pink & Joey Fatone

Pink briefly dated Joey Fatone in the early 2000s before turning him down. The former NSYNC member said, “I’m okay with rejection. I mean heck, I’ve been in NSYNC a lot, so I can take rejection.”



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