15 Facts About Spider-Man: No Way Home That You Still Might Not Know

Despite a pandemic hovering above our heads, Spider-Man: No Way Home went on to become the sixth-highest grossing film in history with an estimated earning of $1.69 billion at the global box office. The easter-eggs-filled film is more interesting than you actually found it. Check out 15 eyebrow-raising facts about Spider-Man.

1. The film had an alternate ending planned where Peter was to be remembered!

Facts About Spider-Man

The canon ending had the world forgetting who Peter Parker actually was. However, an alternate ending was planned initially where Peter remains remembered by everyone and becomes the most famous man in the world.


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2. Doctor Strange 2 was to be released before Spider-Man: NWH.

Facts About Spider-Man

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was initially set before Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was released. The line-up swap definitely changed a lot in the two films.


3. America Chavez was originally set to feature in the film.

Facts About Spider-Man

She was even rumored to bring in the other Peters before she was written out as No Way Home was switched to release first.


4. The script for Spider-Man 4 was written.

Tobey Maguire’s fourth installment as Spidey was going to involve the Vulture’s daughter, Black Cat, and a cheating subplot alluded to in No Way Home.


5. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was in the works

Andrew Garfield’s original third time as Spider-Man was going to include magical blood resurrection, the return of Gwen Stacy, and the formation of the Sinister Six.


6. Mysterio was gonna come back…

The Spider-Man writers pondered a lot over ways of bringing Mysterio back. However, they left him as the silent sixth member of the club who inspired the whole plot of exposing Peter.


7. There was gonna be more of Matt Murdock

According to some leaked shots and actor calls, there was an extended courtroom scene starring Daredevil.


8. Spider-Man: Homerun

The plot of the original Tom Holland Spider-Man 3 was meant to revolve around Peter dealing with the fallout from his identity being revealed. That idea however became Plan B in case all the actors didn’t agree to come back for the film.


9. Green Goblin was gonna be just another baddie

Goblin wasn’t originally going to be the main villain, just another one for Peter to cure.


10. The Sinister Six were to appear in the post-credits

Originally the entire multiversal Sinister Six were relegated to a post-credit tease for the third movie. However, they entirely took over the film.


11. The original idea was to bring Kraven The Hunter

Spider-Man 3 was going to be Kraven’s first hunt


12. There were rumors about Scorpion

Scorpion was rumored to be a secondary villain in this film


13. Rhino was initially written in the script

Rhino was in talks to be one of the multiversal invaders. Rumors suggest that he might even have fallen through the cracks at the end of the film.


14. Other Villains were considered

Other multiverse villains Dane DeHaan and Topher Grace were missing from the movie line-up, but other iterations and combinations of villains were considered, some of which can be seen in the skies at the end of the film.


15. There was going to be false marketing

The film’s marketing team had planned to frame the movie as Spider-Man versus Doctor Strange. They planned to hide the villains and the other Spideys entirely and make it look like a totally different movie.


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