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15 Facts About The CW Show Flash Fans Don’t Known About

15 Facts About The CW Show Flash Fans Dont Known About

“There’s only one thing I know about life. I know some things happen by chance. And some things happen because we make them happen.”

Though the TV serial Flash’s storyline is often incredible, there are quite a few facts that we fans are unaware of from all the way back to season one.
These are even way more thrilling and exciting than the whole show in general.

The Viewers of the arrowverse may have been in doubt when the CW announced that it won’t just be putting out a series based on the comic book character the Green Arrow.

But they will also be putting together their own connected universe with all DC’s fortune that would initially reach the cinematic levels of greatness.

The Arrow must have started the craze about superhero TV shows.
But the Flash also swiftly became the most popular show of the lot.
Despite this fact, there have been times when the Flash could not win the hearts of its fans, and there have definitely been some seasons that had to struggle through.

After it’s each renewal, the show tries to learn something new in each season and keep on improving along the way.
The Flash has hit some spectacular heights by the end of its sixth season, but the show had to be stopped in between due to the coronavirus.

The show Arrow has recently ended its tenure with the CW Arrowverse, so now the Flash is the only oldest show left, among other shows like Supergirl, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Stargirl, and others to come soon once the production restarts.

Even though the events and story-plot of the series are completely beyond belief, there are a few facts about the show throughout these six seasons of the Flash that have increased the show’s craze among fans.

Isn’t that interesting…

Let’s hop into this list compiled by FandomWire to find out.

#15 The Flash Was Developed Following Grant Gustin’s Popularity From His Appearances On Arrow:

Barry Allen On Arrow

#14 Several Members Of The Cast Have Moved Behind The Camera To Direct:

The Flash TV Show Killer Frost Attack

#13 Candice Patton Got To Pick Iris’ Wedding Dress:

The Flash TV Iris Barry Wedding

#12 Geoff Johns Personally Thanked Candice Patton For Her Portrayal Of Iris:

The Flash TV Iris West

#11 New 52’s Number 52 Is Hidden In Every Episode Of Season One:

The Flash TV Cisco Vibe

#10 The Flash’s Suit Gets An Upgrade Every Season:

The Flash TV Season 5 Flash Suit

#9 The Series Has Received Its Own Comic Counterpart:

The Flash Season Zero Comic Cover

#8 Running Of The Flash Is Called “Zooping”:

The Flash TV Speed Effect Lighting Blue

#7 Nora’s Slang Term, “Schway,” Is Actually A Batman Beyond Reference:

The Flash TV Nora West Allen XS

#6 Heavy Lengths Were Taken To Hide The Reverse-Flash’s Identity:

The Flash TV Reverse Flash Blur Hidden

#5 Grant Gustin Was Nearly Cast In Arrow:

The Flash TV Elseworlds Grant Gustin As Arrow

#4 Andy Mientus Who Play’s Pied Piper Auditioned to be Barry Allen:

The Flash TV Andy Mientus Hartley Rathaway Powers

#3 If The Series Failed, The Flash Would Have Become An Arrow Regular:

The Flash TV Barry Allen Contemplative

#2 Stephen Amell Caused A Great Fuss When Grant Gustin Wasn’t Cast As The DCEU’s Flash:

The Flash TV Arrow Barry Oliver Crossover

#1 It Was Hinting At Hal Jordan Aka The Green Lantern:

The Flash TV Ferris Air Easter Egg

Created By artists like Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti, the Flash is an American superhero TV series. 

The show is based on the DC comic book character Barry Allen aka the Flash, a crime-fighting superhero with the ability to move faster than the speed of light. 

The show is a spin-off from the first CW show Arrow and takes place in the same universe known as the Arrowverse. 

The show’s main protagonist is portrayed by Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen, a crime scene investigator with the CCPD police. 

Allen got his powers in an accident when the particle accelerator got exploded. 

As the Flash, Allen uses his skills to fight crime and stop the meta-humans from hurting innocent people. 

The Flash is the protector of his city Central City, and when it comes to protecting the world, the Flash is always there to do justice.




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