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15 Forgotten ’90s Suspense Thrillers That Remind Us Of Times Hollywood Dared To Experiment

FandomWire has a very soft spot for the Nineties, the greatest era of Hollywood. Here are a few suspense thrillers that dared to go where no movie had gone before.


You think you have seen everything after Watching the Saw movies? Think again. Before Jigsaw rocked your world, it was Cube that did the job. Six strangers are trapped in an endless maze full of deadly traps. Their objective – survive and escape.


The movie involves a whimsical plot that was only possible in the nineties. It tells the tale of a group of weirdos that derive sexual pleasure from near death experiences due to automobile collisions.

The Good Son

A young boy moves into his aunt and uncle’s house. Their son and the boy’s cousin, shows signs of a psychopath as all hell breaks loose. Macauley Caulkin does a fine job in this movie.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

A man kills himself after being humiliated by a woman and her family. The wife of the man, who then loses her child as well, goes on a path of vengeance against the perpetrators.

A Perfect Murder

A rich Wall Street speculator realizes his wife is secretly having an affair. He then uses the carrot and stick to make his wife’s lover murder her. It is planned so perfectly it’s called the perfect murder.


After a person’ car breaks down in the middle of a barren desert, his wife goes missing. This movie, which features Kurt Russell in the lead role, has so many twists and turns along the way.


Packed with an amazing ensemble cast, it tells the story of an FBI agent and a notorious gangster swapping faces via plastic surgery to uncover a terrorist bombing plot. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta give some of their career best performances in this movie.


Se7en" can still keep you up at night, even after 25 years | The Spool

Two city cops, one a veteran and the other new to the city, try to stop a serial killer running amok, killing innocent people according to the biblical seven deadly sins.

The Firm

Tom Cruise plays Mitch McDeere, a young and aspiring lawyer. he gets into a prestigious law firm but soon is roped into a murder case. Now he must use his guile and wits to outwit the masters of the game.

A Simple Plan

Three blue collar workers find millions of dollars in lost cash. But mistrust and betrayals soon creep in as the story takes a darker turn.

In The Mouth Of Madness

It has one of the most fascinating premises that low key started the trend of “copycat fans of writers” in movies and shows. An insurance investigator realizes the fans of a best-selling horror novel writer are enacting his scenes in real life.

Stir Of Echoes

Kevin Bacon plays a character who starts seeing the ghost of a young girl after being hypnotized by his sister-in-law.

Mute Witness

A mute make up artist is locked up on the sets of a slasher movie being shot in Moscow. There she witnesses a gruesome murder and must evade capture.


A mysterious radio signal from outer space gives conclusive proof of alien life. The signals ask humanity to build a machine that will help them communicate with them,


Shattered is the story of a horrific car accident survivor who suffers from amnesia. He slowly starts discovering secrets to his past no one’s ready to tell him.