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15 Funny Corona Jokes On The Internet That Will Make You Laugh.

During This Pandemic when everyone is worried and have trouble enjoying their once lived lives, then comedy and laughter are the only medicine that can go a long way to help make us feel better and to lighten this situation. It’s been almost 4 months since the world has been fighting this deadly Covid-19 virus, there are almost 4 million cases around the globally. Our Doctors are trying their best to get good results and to cure the world and rest of us are helping them by staying at our homes. Though we all have been quarantined there are some people are fighting this pandemic with jokes for others to have some fun during this outbreak. These all include some ridiculous conspiracy theories to all the cancelled vacations, so continue scrolling down to check out what everyone is up to now.

  1. Best Way To Tell Who’s Behind The Mask:

2. My Poor Suitcase:

3. Corona Or No I Have To Work:

4. Prevention Is Better Than Death!!

5. Jennifer Aniston Has Been Affected Badly:

6. The Right Way To Wear A Mask:

7. Expectation v.s. Reality:

8. The Teacher Was Correct All That Time:

9. Check Before You Wear Your Mask:

10. Shit Doctor!!

11. God Has Some Other Plans Too:

12. One More Threat On It’s Way:

13. Every One Right Now:

14. Ah! Those Were The Days:

15. How Long Has This Chips Been There:

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