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15 Greatest ’80s Fantasy Movies Of All Time, Ranked

15 Greatest 80s Fantasy Movies Of All Time Ranked

The Eighties were an epic time to be alive. If you were into fantasy movies, you most probably lived in what could only be termed as the “Golden era of the fantasy movie genre.”

The Beastmaster

Beastmaster The FM001

Dar is an ancient warrior with a very unique ability. He can communicate and control his animal allies to do his bidding. When an evil high priest named Maax is about to wreak havoc on the world, Dar takes it upon himself to save the day. The Beastmaster movies are a classic trope of ’80s fantasy movies.

Masters Of The Universe

masters of the universe movie struzan

This 1987 movie has Dolph Lundgren as the eponymous He-Man. He-Man and his warrior allies must travel to another dimension which just so happens to be 20th Century Earth and stop Skeletor from taking over it. They must also free the the Sorceress, who is now Skeletor’s prisoner. This movie even has Courtney Cox of Friends fame in a major role. Masters of the Universe seldom gets the love it so deserves.

The Black Cauldron


The Black Cauldron tells the story of Taran who takes up a journey along with his friends to find the mythical black cauldron. The Cauldron has the power to create an army of unstoppable soldiers. But to get their hands on the artefact, they must face the evil machinations of the horned King. The Black Cauldron is the only Disney movie that was rated R until it made some last minute changes and got the family friendly tag.

The Witches Of Eastwick

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After a mysterious handsome man arrives in their town, three women have their deepest, darkest wishes granted. But their wishes that satisfy their desires come at a price they are not ready to pay. The movie also subtly highlights the eternal fight between good and evil.

Conan The Destroyer


Is Conan a cheesy ’80s movie? Absolutely!! Will we keep watching it till the ends of time? Freaking absolutely!! Conan is a famed warrior who is tasked by Queen Taramis to accompany her niece Jehna in her quest to find a magical gem.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

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Charlie B. Barkin is a German shepherd who is murdered by his former friend turned enemy Carface Carruthers. Charlie refuses to enter the gates of Haven and comes back to Earth. He teams up with his best friend Itchy Itchiford to exact revenge on Carface. There he meets an orphaned girl he later befriends, learning important lessons in friendship, love, and forgiveness.

Little Shop Of Horrors

littleshopofhorrors 1200x675 1

Ricky Moranis, a major ’80s star we seldom hear about today, plays Seymour Krelborn, owner to a floral business that is bleeding money. In order to save his business, Seymour buys a mysterious plant from a Chinese street vendor that later turns his entire life upside down.


Cul willow EFAD2R

Willow is arguably the very epitome of ’80s fantasy tropes. It steers you into a world of myth, magic, and wonder. A young man named Willow Ufgood played by Warwick Davis is pulled into an adventure of epic proportions. Willow remains a staple and benchmark of the fantasy genre to this day.

The Dark Crystal

the dark crystal review featured image 01

The Dark Crystal is set on a fictional planet. The planet is home to the titular object that keeps the evil Skekses at bay. If the damaged dark Crystal is not healed soon enough, the Skekses will rise once again after the great conjunction of the three suns.

The Little Mermaid

little mermaid

Ariel is the daughter of Triton, the King of the Sea. She makes a devious deal with Ursula, the Sea Witch, to meet the love of her life – Eric. But things do not go as planned with Ursula pulling strings from behind the scenes for her own evil plan to come into effect.


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Billy’s father returns with a gift. It’s a pet he got from China. The pet comes with very specific instructions. But when Billy fails to follow them, the entire town is engulfed with evil Gremlins hell-bent on destroying everything in their wake.


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David Bowie, the guy who is known as the renegade fashion icon, plays the Goblin King. Jennifer Connelly plays Sarah Williams, a teenager who must go on a great journey to save her baby brother (Toby Froud).


Beetlejuice Featured

Adam and Barbara are a deceased couple that now haunt their old house. After they fail to scare away the new tenants out of the building, they hire the bio-exorcist Betelgeuse to do the job. The movie has big names like Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis.

The NeverEnding Story

never ending story

Bastian is a young boy who stumbles upon a mysterious book while hiding from bullies in a library. The book tells the tale of a land named as Fantasia, which is being threatened by an evil force called “the Nothing”. Fantasia needs a human child to save it from its doom. When Bastian reads a description of the human savior that is eerily similar to his own, he begins to think Fantasia ia real and needs him to fight The Nothing.

The Princess Bride

the princess bride

Based on the William Goldman novel of the same name, The Princess Bride is the tale of two lovers who must fight against insurmountable odds to be with each other. The evil Kingdom of Florin is hot on their tails. This an an absolute favorite and a cult-classic movie for all fans of the fantasy genre.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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