15 High-Level Degrees Owned by Unexpected Celebs

It’s common to hear stories of artists who dropped out of college only to get success in their careers. But how often do you hear stories of geniuses who completed high-level degrees and then pursued their respective field? Here are 15 celebrities who own high-level degrees:


Natalie Portman’s Psychology Degree

When Star Wars: Phantom Menace was set to premiere, Natalie Portman couldn’t show up because she was studying for her high school exams. She’s a graduate of Harvard University with a B.A. in Psychology.

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Rowan Atkinson’s Electrical Engineering Degree

Known as one of the gems of silent comedians, our beloved “Mr. Bean” was actually developed when Atkinson was pursuing Electrical Engineering at Oxford Uni.

Tom Morello’s Political Science Degree

Best known for his tenure with the rock band ‘Rage Against the Machine’, Tom Morello is a Harvard alumnus. His Pol Science degree explains his presence as the lead guitarist of one of the most politically vocal bands of all time.


Mayim Bialik’s Neuroscience Doctorate

You’ve seen her in Big Bang Theory as a college nerd but did you know she’s actually really smart? , She left the entertainment industry to earn her doctorate degree in neuroscience from UCLA.


Lisa Kudrow’s Biology Degree

Soon after she completed her graduation, Lisa Kudrow began doing improv comedy while assisting her father’s biology research on headaches.

Freddie Highmore’s Spanish and Arabic Degrees

The British actor happens to be fluent in two languages but he barely gets to use them on The Good Doctor.

James Franco’s Multiple Degrees

He has a degree in poetry, English, and two in literature. Moreover, he’s working on a Ph.D.! It is hard to believe that Franco finds time to act with all these classes.

Dexter Holland’s Molecular Biology Doctorate

Though many know The Offspring for goofy punk music, the lead singer was serious about his studies and research into HIV.

Cole Sprouse’s Archaeology Degree

When the Sprouse twins wanted to get away from acting, they both went to college. Before starting Riverdale, Cole worked in the archaeology field for a short while.

Weird AI Yankovic’s Architecture Degree

The man known for his parodies, Weird Al Yankovic was once a student of architecture before he stepped in the field of music.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Education Doctorate

To challenge himself and make his parents happy, former basketballer Shaq went back to school to earn his bachelor’s, then master’s, and finally a doctorate in education.

Rebel Wilson’s Law Degree

The Australian actor has used her knowledge of the law to lower the rating on one of her films from an R to a PG-13.

Rashida Jones’ Religion and Philosophy Degree

Jones originally wanted to study the field of law, but “the O.J. Simpson trial was disillusioning” to her, which made her change to religion and philosophy at Harvard.

Brian May’s Astrophysics Degree

Being in one of the biggest bands in the world wasn’t enough for Brian May so he decided to study other worlds that exist for him to rock on, too.

2 Chainz’s Psychology Degree

Owing credit to his scholarship for basketball the rapper claims to have attended college and graduated after transferring schools.




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Written by Muneer

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