15 Iconic Movie Character Moments, Suggested By Their Actors

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When you’re working with genius minds, be ready for genius ideas. For long on actors have given their bit of alterations that have turned out to be some of the most iconic moments for their movie characters. Take a look at 15 such examples:


1. It was Michael Keaton’s idea to make Batman an imperturbable hero in Tim Burton’s Batman movies. The script demanded him to be more chatty in the initial script. However, Keaton thought he should be mostly silent and let his movements in the Batsuit do the talking.

2. The whole look of Lucius Malfoy was designed by Jason Isaacs. The studio’s first idea was to put him in a pinstripe suit. However, Isaacs suggested a more wizardly look since Malfoy detested Muggles and half-bloods.

3. It was Patrick Stewart’s brilliant idea to give Picard a pit bull as a pet in Picard. Pitbulls are Sir Patrick Stewart’s favorite breed of dogs.

4. Matt Damon’s cameo in Thor: Ragnarok was Chris Hemsworth’s idea. He suggested Damon’s role to Kevin Feige who totally liked it.

5. The scene where Meryl Streep’s character tells Anne Hathaway how her “lumpy blue sweater” was picked for her long ago by someone else in the fashion industry was totally Streep’s original idea.

6. It was Rami Malek’s brilliant idea to get the iconic Freddie Mercury teeth for Bohemian Rhapsody. Malek started wearing them a year before filming began.

7. Kit Harington had the idea for an iconic scene late in Game of Thrones. It’s the shot where Jon is almost swallowed by a sea of bodies in the Battle of the Bastards – it was based on his own fear of getting crushed in a crowd.

8. Jeff Goldblum came up with one of the key moments in Jurassic Park. When the T-Rex breaks out, it was Goldblum’s idea to have his character get the T-Rex to chase him so that the kids in the jeep can be rescued.

9. It was Charlize Theron’s idea of shaving her head for Mad Max: Fury Road. Director George Miller wasn’t totally up for this idea as he was concerned about the shape of her head. However, he loved the results.

10. Using the song “Golden Years” in A Knight’s Tale was Heath Ledger’s idea. His team had practiced with “Get Down Tonight” initially but Ledger said it’d totally work with “Golden Years” since both songs are on the same tempo.

11. Josh Gad had the idea of having his character LeFou dance with a guy in Beauty and the Beast. He was amazed that the studio actually gave a nod to his idea.

12. It was Kurtwood Smith’s idea to make Clarence an intellectual being in Robocop. The script demanded him to wear glasses. However, Smith decided to create a whole pseudo-intellectual personality for Clarence.

13. The character of Kwan was entirely Tony Shalhoub’s idea. He apparently didn’t click with the character that was assigned to him so he decided to do something else and play Kwan, a stoner.

14. Lin-Manuel Miranda suggested a mustache for his character in His Dark Materials. He basically wanted his character to look dashing and debonair like Clark Gable.

15. Donnie Yen himself gave the idea that his Rogue One character should be blind. Director Garth Edwards gave the actors plenty of scope to flesh out the characters, so Donnie Yen decided that Chirrut Imwe would be a blind man.


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