15 Insane Marvel / DC Fan Art Mash-ups.

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For over the years both Marvel and DC has been continuously fighting among themselves as to who is the best comic book in the market. Either you have grown up studying the famous deeds of X-Men or other heroes of the Marvel Universe or you have grown-up reading the Justice League or other DC heroes like Flash, wonder-women and others you have been true fans of the superhero community. Imagine being a superhero fan and you suddenly have the chance to merge all your favourite superheroes both from Marvel as well as from DC in order to fight a villain that can’t be beaten alone. How cool would that been. Just assume that mixing Captain America with Superman would give you a more powerful superhero with the powers of sups and the superhuman strength of caps, which is indestructible aka we can call him… Captain Superman, or…or Bat-man fused with Black Panther making him The Panther-Bat, How sick would it be… Sounds interesting let’s dive right into it without wasting much time!!


#1 Dr Stephen Fate:

#2 The Darkclaw:


#3 Night Spider:

#4 Thunder God:

#5 Martian Vision:


#6 Marvelous Girl:

#7 Banenom!!

#8 DarkSkull:


#9 The Joking Goblin:

#10 Mysteriddle:

#11 Dr. Octofreeze:


#12 Poison Scorpion:

#13 The Scavenger:

#14 Deadshot The Hunter:


#15 Brainim Zoliac:


Source: Eric Guzman/DeviantArt




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