15 Lies Movies and TV Shows Taught Us About Survival Skills

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Movies and TV shows can often be deceptive. They show us scenarios that may appear true to add the thrill. These tips and tricks are eventually carried out in the real world. However, it’s important to note that movies are concerned with getting you engaged in their fictional world and anything they teach about survival is hardly ever true


In the case of emergencies, it can be a dangerous idea to follow what your favorite movie stars did when they were in a similar situation. Here are a few survival myths busted that must be unlearned as they don’t work in real-life scenarios.

Pulp Fiction: Stabbing a Needle in the Heart

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There is no way for medicine to reach quickly to the heart. Stabbing someone anywhere in the chest to inject the medicine so it reaches quicker to the heart makes no sense and might even damage one’s chest.

Kenny vs Spenny: Throwing up After Consuming Poison

Throwing up after consuming poison might help a bit but it does not completely remove the dose of poison consumed by someone. In fact, in some cases, it may even cause more infection. Hence the best way out of the situation is to visit a Poison Control center.


Snakes on A Plane: Sucking out Snake Venom

In movies, people casually suck the venom out of a snake bite pretending that it helps. However, the venom can never be removed from a snake bite by sucking it due to the rate at which venom spreads in the human body. Moreover, 25% of the snake bites from venomous snakes don’t even contain venom, so the best option is to seek medical assistance ASAP.

Looney Tunes Show: Playing Dead Around a Bear


Playing dead around a bear might be helpful but not around all bears. You can play dead only around brown bears and not black bears. When being attacked by a bear you must fight back because the bear is probably hungry and is considering having you as dinner!

Phineas and Ferb: Drinking Water from a Cactus

The liquid from a cactus does not quench thirst. Instead, it might make one feel even more thirsty or make you sick with stomachache and vomiting. When thirsty in a desert, the best way is to find a place that has clean water.


Seinfield: Using a Raw Steak on a Black Eye

Putting a raw steak on a black eye to reduce the pain and mark will just waste a good steak, it won’t heal the black eye. It is just the coldness of the steak that treats the bruise, not the meat. In fact, using raw meat can cause an infection in the eye. Hence an ice pack or a bag of cold vegetables is better for treating a black eye than a raw steak.

Friends: Tilting your Head Back During a Nosebleed


Tilting your head backward during a nosebleed makes no difference, it does not stop the bleeding, instead, it will cause the blood and other liquids to go down your throat. The better way is to lean slightly forward and pinch your nose lightly.

Bean: Removing a Bullet from a Wound

When someone gets shot, the bullet does not damage just a single point on one’s body, when trying to remove it, it may cause more damage. If not removed by a professional, bits of bullet may remain inside and cause more damage.


Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2: Punching a Shark on the Nose

MFF Sea Beast Week: Analyzing the Shark Punching Scene in 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life' | Movies, Films & Flix

A strong punch in the nose will indeed repel almost any shark attack, but, punching a shark close to its mouth can also result in losing your fingers, hand, or even your whole arm. It is better to attack it in the eye or gills and escape from the scene.

Friends: Peeing on a jellyfish sting

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Peeing on a jellyfish sting won’t do any good and the impurities might even worsen it. It is better to wash the sting with seawater and rush to the emergency room.

X-Men Origins: Dramatically Walking Away from an Explosion

Any sort of blast fires off a supersonic shockwave of force that passes right through your body. This usually results in damaged internal organs which may gradually lead to death.


The Office: CPR Brings Most People Back to Life

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CPR can be useful in a lot of situations in real life, but it does not bring someone back to life, it is only a life-prolonging technique and should be administered until help arrives.

Putting Something in Someone’s Mouth During a Seizure


Swallowing one’s own tongue is medically not possible, therefore, there is absolutely no need to put something in one’s mouth during a seizure. It won’t do any good and might even damage one’s teeth and jaw.

Standing Under a Door Frame During an Earthquake

A door frame is almost equally strong as any other part of a house. Standing under a door frame is the same as standing under any other roof. Instead, you should hide under a table, it is much safer when compared to other places.



What other myths about survival have you noticed in movies and TV shows? Tell us in the comment section below!

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