15 Marvel Heroes That Were Venomized.

What If….. Marvel Superheroes Got Venomized?

The symbiote plays a vital role in the Marvel Universe especially when it comes to our friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man. Over the years Spider-Man has had a lot of enemies like Scorpion, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus among others. But Venom has had been one of Spidey’s arch-rival. But due to say his popularity he had been given a movie of his own by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Tom Hardy in the main lead. And that’s one of the reasons why Sony had so much faith when Venom was released, as it grossed around $800 million at the box office, globally and had surpassed movies like Wonder Woman. Since Tom Hardy has taken the mantel of venom its craze among fans has increased, making Venom’s popularity high in the market. So in the wake of this many artists decided to make some extra-ordinary drawings by picturizing Marvel’s superheroes as venomized. Sounds interesting let’s pop into it!

15. X-23:

14 Elektra And Daredevil:

13 The Avengers:

12 Gamora:

11 Rocket Raccoon:

10 Baby Groot:

9 The Incredible Hulk:

8 Deadpool:

7 Iron Man And War Machine:

6 Black Panther:

5 Black Cat:

4 Captain America:

3 Storm:

2 Kingpin:

1 Ghost Rider:


Fan Art By: venomology






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