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15 Minor Changes In Movies That Caused MILLIONS To The Makers

15 Minor Changes In Movies That Caused MILLIONS To The Makers

After the filming concluded, Warner Bros. felt that Suicide Squad needed some changes as it was short on humor and action. Hence, they decided to shoot more sequences. Here’s the full story and 14 others:

1. Launching the trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog was enough for Paramount Pictures to realize the mess that they had made. Trolls were quick to criticize their obnoxious animation which forced the studios to redesign the sprinter. It caused them close to $5 million.

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2. Brad Pitt’s World War Z was deemed “atrocious” after the first cut of the film was released. The makers decided to reshoot several scenes which cost them $40 million more. 

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3. Tig Notaro was never really present on the sets of Army of the Dead. She’s a result of a few million dollars that Zack Snyder and Netflix spent on editing out Chris D’Elia after the sexual misconduct allegations against him in June 2020.

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4. Warner Bros. felt Suicide Squad was short on humor and action. They went for reshoots which caused them additional tens of millions on their budget.


5. 20th Century Fox nearly went bankrupt in 1963 when they were working on Cleopatra. Many reshoots had to be done in order to just finish the film which was the most expensive cinematic piece back then.

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6. Mike Myers had initially recorded all his dialogues for Shrek in a Canadian accent; However, when the clips were compiled for a rough cut, the makers noticed that Mike had switched to a Scottish accent. DreamWorks had to reanimate many scenes which caused them around $4-5 million. 

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7. Universal Studios had originally hired Eric Stoltz to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future and had even shot a lot many scenes. Michael J. Fox happened out of the blue and the studios had to reshoot all of Stoltz’s scenes. This decision caused an additional $3 million to their overall budget.

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8. Ridley Scott decided to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World after the sexual misconduct allegations sparked up against Spacey. The studio had to spend a whopping $10 million on reshoots.

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9. After a point in time, the budget of Lone Ranger spiked so much ($200 million+) that the production house had to halt the filming. Several action sequences were cut in order to save millions on the VFX.

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10. When Warner Bros. decided to hire Joss Whedon for completing Justice League after Zack Snyder’s unfortunate exit, they had to shed a whopping $25 million on the reshoots.

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11. Titanic’s budget wasn’t always $200 million. The makers had to extend the shoots for extra 22 days which caused them most of the money. The extra dollars were spent majorly for adding changes to the visual effects.

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13. One of the biggest box office flops, Waterworld had to shed millions to rebuild their “multimillion-dollar” set after it was swept by a hurricane.

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14. After extensive criticism on the screening day of The Dark Tower for the lack of backstory about the protagonist, Sony had to spend $6 million on reshoots to tell more about Idris Elba’s character.
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15. After director Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired with only a few weeks of filming left, 70% of Solo: A Star Wars Story had to be reshot which spiked the film’s overall budget to $275 million. 

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