15 Mishaps and Disasters That Happened On Movie Sets

Even the most heartwarming and family-friendly movies have had disasters and mishaps on their film sets. Take a look at 15 spine-chilling accidents that happened on movie sets and their impacts on the film:

Orson Welles took a fall of about ten feet while filming Citizen Kane. This happened while filming the scene where Kane shouts at Boss Jim Gettys. His ankle got injured so badly, he had to use a wheelchair for the next two weeks.

Sylvester Stallone had to visit the ICU while filming Rocky. One day on set, he told Dolph Lundgren to forget the fight choreography and go freestyle. The result was that Stallone was in the hospital for nine days.

J.K. Simmons cracked one of his ribs while filming Whiplash. Miles Teller in one of the scenes charged at Simmons and knocked him over so hard that one of Simmons’ ribs broke.

One of the stuntmen of Hangover: Part II  suffered critical brain damage. Scott McLean was leaning out of a taxi’s window when he got hit by another vehicle.

Malcolm McDowell lost his sight for a while during the production of A Clockwork Orange. The apparatus that he wore in the Ludovico Technique scene was really painful. He complained that he scratched his left eye’s cornea, was in pain, and lost his sight.

Bob Hoskins broke his hand on the Super Mario Bros. movie. The set was a disaster and the actors, including Hoskins, were drinking all the time – which led to an accident involving a truck that left Hoskins with a broken hand.

Jan Fedder broke several ribs while filming Das Boot. Apparently, he lost his grip on the railing of the submarine model and fell off, resulting in several fractured ribs. The director, who didn’t realize it was an accident, said, “Good idea, Jan. We’ll do that one more time.”

Sylvester Stallone broke one of his fingers on the Escape to Victory set by trying to block legendary footballer Pele’s ball.

Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double suffered partial body paralysis when he did a jerk back stunt and broke his neck on the last Harry Potter movie.

Mike Tyson broke one of his fingers while filming Ip Man 3. Donnie Yen unintentionally hit it with his elbow during a fight scene and broke it. However, Tyson didn’t even say anything continued filming.

While shooting Midnight Rider, a train crash killed crew member Sarah Jones. The film crew trespassed on a railroad track to shoot the movie, which resulted in a freight train crashing into a prop hospital bed that was on the tracks. William Hurt, who had been lying on the bed, ran to safety, but Jones got run over.

The 1981 movie Roar left around 70 people wounded. The film’s production later over 11 years and involved 100 untamed lions that severely injured the stars. Melanie Griffith was injured so badly that she needed over 100 stitches plus surgery.

An injury on the sets of Mission Impossible: II put a halt to one of the stuntmen’s careers. The stuntman got knocked over by a motorcycle flying through the air, resulting in severe injuries that left him unable to work as a stuntman.

Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson lost an arm in an accident on the sets of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She was supposed to do a fight scene but ended up doing a motorbike stunt which resulted in an accident.

Frank Sinatra messed up his wrist while filming The Manchurian Candidate. An on-set accident permanently damaged his wrist, and it was so bad he couldn’t hold a pistol comfortably anymore.

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