15 Most Heartbreaking Shots In Television History, Ranked

TV shows that we love watching become a part of our lives seamlessly. The characters and their growth feels personal. We also connect with them in the most genuine way that with every emotional scene, we have to get up looking for the tissue boxes. But, of course, the scenes are so well constructed and acted; they give out just the exact message across. Recently, a trend started on Twitter where people talked about heartbreaking shots from Television shows in a single frame that expressed thousands of emotions. We have gathered 15 most heartbreaking shots and ranked them. Also, you might want to grab a box of tissue while we are at it.

1. This one is from The Resident, and by starting with this, you know what we mean.

2. We have many from Ted Lasso, and here’s one of them.

3. Another one from Ted Lasso:

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4. Aimee and her friends taking a bus after her sexual assault on Sex Education:

Aimee surrounded by friends on the bus

5. Along with Randall, we needed consoling too. This frame also teared us all up.

6. Doctor and Rose’s separation was extremely sad and painful to watch. The single frame portrays so many emotions.

Doctor pressing up against the wall separating him from Rose

7. Seeing Buffy’s mother dead on the couch, we also probably felt the same spectrum of emotions. It was tragic and sad to watch, and this single frame coveys all that.

8. The coming-out dance wall was filled with emotions, and it was tough not to get up to weep and come back to it.

9. Will had been abandoned by his father more than once on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, when he opened up about it to his uncle, it was heart-wrenching.

10. Game of Thrones had a lot of shocking and heart-wrenching, and one of which enraged us all. It was Stannis’s stupid move of sacrificing his daughter and burning her alive.

Shireen crying out as Stannis tries to burn her alive

11. The scene from an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender where Iroh creates a makeshift memorial for his dead son makes all fans emotional. And this single frame is also making us weep.

12. We were also like Eleven was while she read Hopper’s letter in Stranger Things.

13. In Futurama, when Seymour, the dog, waited outside Panucci’s Pizza for Fry to come back was too much to take. Unfortunately, while Seymour waited for him, Fry was sent to 2999. But sadly, the dog didn’t know that.

14. Brienne had always showcased her bravery every time she or the people she swore to protect were in danger. However, in a kingdom where a woman was simply considered a commodity, she became a knight, and Jamie made her one. This single frame also makes us emotional.

15. Jake Peralta is the most loved character by fans from Brooklyn nine-nine. Additionally, the show circled around him. So when he left the precinct, we all felt the void too. This frame also brings out tears.

So these were 15 of the most heartbreaking shots in television history. And every time we these single frames, well, we also can’t promise not to cry. Also, tell us what you think about these in the comments below.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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