15 Movies That Almost Killed Their Stars And Directors In The Making

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Acting in movies looks like a fancy job. However, it’s a pretty challenging task. Performing action scenes and stunts can often result in fatal injuries if miscalculated. Take a look at 15 movies where some on-set accident almost killed their stars and directors.


1. Call it a miracle that Idris Elba is alive after he took that fall on the set of Beasts of No Nation. Elba was leaning against a tree above a very high waterfall and somehow lost his footing. He was lucky he landed on a ridge above the waterfall and didn’t fall off the cliff

2. While filming a fight on the set of Love Lucy, Lucille Ball once almost got beaten to death. Her fight sequence was being filmed with actress Teresa Tirelli who apparently got really into it.

3. Halle Berry nearly choked herself when she had to seduce Pierce Brosnan with a fig while filming Die Another Day. It was Brosnan’s quick instinct that saved her.

4. Harrison Ford could have been killed by, of all things, the Millennium Falcon. He injured his ankle and leg by a door on the Millennium Falcon set- but, if things were slightly different, the door could’ve crushed him.

5. Jackie Chan got 2nd-degree burns on the Police Story set. Chan had to slide down a pole that had gotten very hot,  if wouldn’t have let go, he might’ve died instead of just burning his hands,

6. Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O ended up in the hospital on the second day of filming The Jackass 4. They jumped on a running treadmill while wearing tubas.

7. Filming the desert island drama Cast Away gave Tom Hanks a really tough time. He got a really bad infection on his leg that he had treated in the nick of time. According to sources, if Tom had shown up to the ER an hour late, it might have been a big problem.

8. Director Guillermo del Toro nearly died when he was hit by a car while directing on The Shape of Water. Michael Shannon had parked the old car which kept going straight at del Toro. Luckily, it stopped in time.

9. Super Mario Bros. had Bob Hoskins nearly killed nearly on two separate occasions on the set of the critically panned movie. “I got stabbed four times. Electrocuted. Broke a finger. Nearly got drowned.” said Hoskins

10. Michael J Fox nearly got literally strangled by a noose in Back to the Future III. They hung him so tightly that, after he’d been swinging for a few seconds, Robert Zemeckis realized that Michael was genuinely passing out and not just acting.

11. Meryl Streep had a near-death experience while filming Into the Woods. She was shooting for this one scene where she had to jump up onto a table placed on an inclined platform. Meryl lost balance and tumbled but Emily Blunt caught her.

12. Johnny Depp saw death right in the face while filming The Lone Ranger. He was apparently close to being crushed by a horse in the desert where the shoots were taking place. The horse that lost control sprinted right over right his body.

13. Danny DeVito panicked while filming an underwater scene and nearly drowned on the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia set. For the scene, DeVito had to be put a little deep down in the water where he had a hard time getting back to the surface.

14. Emily Blunt crashed a car on the Edge of Tomorrow set, nearly killing Tom Cruise. Tom was in the passenger seat and told her to hit the brakes, but she didn’t listen. Tom laughed off the entire situation as he escaped uninjured.

15. Jodie Comer nearly choked on particularly dry pasta in Killing Eve. It’s maybe the least glamorous way to accidentally die, but the pasta was so dry, she couldn’t swallow it and it almost killed her,




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