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15 Movies That Had Hard Impacts On The World

15 Movies That Had Hard Impacts On The World

Movies in Hollywood since time have had huge impacts on the world. ‘Trendsetter’ would be an understatement for people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Take a look at 15 such movies which had hard impacts on the world with their releases.

1. When the 2nd trailer for Star Wars: Phantom Menace was released, it became a milestone in internet history. Steve Jos made a deal with Lucasfilm to release the trailer via QuickTime which resulted in “the biggest Internet download event in history.”

1 13

2. Oliver Stone’s movie JFK helped in passing a new US law in 1992. The John F Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act ensured that records related to the assassination would be gradually released.

2 14

3. A Kenneth Cole watch donned by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead became an instant hit with the fans. The prices of the watch skyrocketed when the makers realized it market face value.

3 14

4. Vans (the sneaker brand) had a good time after the release of Squid Game. The show’s characters sport their white Slip-On Vans that had a whopping 7800% rise in sales after September.

4 12

5. Apparently, Friends is responsible for giving us a very prominent word of the Gen-Z lingo. The word ‘friend zone’ first appeared in season 1 when Joey complained that Ross doesn’t have a shot with Rachel as he’s in the friend zone.

5 13

6. The word Spam (in online aspects) comes from a classic Monty Python sketch. In the sketch, the word spam starts to replace all others on the menu, and soon the dialogue is literally like “spam spam spam and spam.”

6 13

7. A World War II-era movie star’s haircut led to some frightful injuries and deaths. Many women copied the haircut that Veronica Lake sported in the movie. However, they got their hair stuck in factory machines that caused fatal accidents.

7 11

8. Pogo dancing came into existence due to the movie A Hard Day’s Night. Actor Jeremy Lloyd came up with it so he could keep a watch on his girlfriend while he was dancing.

8 14

9. Stephen King’s movie It was an absolute tragedy for the profession of clowns. When the remake was out, their industry dealt with another blow. All clowns appearing on school shows and library shows got canceled.


10. The Last Temptation of Christ caused a spree of terror attacks in France. The film that portrayed Jesus with human flaws caused an uproar in French theaters which were blown up with teargas and stink bombs.

10 14

11. The film Apocalypse Now made a Filippino town a big surfing center. Locals of the country watched actors surfing in the film and got inspired.

11 11

12. Marvel’s Black Widow made a lot of people dye their hair. Google data shows a 163% increase in the sales of red hair dye according to a beauty retailer based in UK.

12 6

13. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Glee role made the name ‘Gwyneth’ a more popular baby name. The name became very common after her stint on Glee.

13 13

14. Crime dramas have created “the CSI effect” in juries. This means that juries firmly believe in the accuracy of forensic evidence as well as its presence in every criminal case.

14 11

15. Huge wristwatches became common in the 90s. This was because stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone donned oversized watches on their huge wrists in most of their movies.

15 9

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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.