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15 Myths We Believe Thanks To Pop-Culture

Pop culture owes credit to a lot of dumb things that we believe in. Here are 15 myths we believe in thanks to pop culture:

1. Whenever there’s a depiction of medieval writing shown in pop culture, people seem to be using decorous feathery quills. When in reality, the stroke of feathers against our hand acts as a hindrance while writing. The actual quill used by people in the Middle Ages was more like this:

Myths We Believe

2. It’s a long-running myth that most serial killers had an abusive childhood. However, surveys suggest that 70% of serial killers report no child abuse. These numbers might include individuals who don’t wish to admit experiencing a traumatic childhood, but thať’s still a pretty high number debunking the popular belief.

Myths We Believe

3. Serial killers in movies and TV shows are often depicted as geniuses (or at least clever). However actual serial killers have below-average IQs. A study of over 2,600 serial killers found that they were smarter than your everyday idiot, with an average 1Q of 94.7.

Myths We Believe

4. In movies, whenever a spacecraft or anything in space blows up, it results in a massive fireball explosion. That’s not true though. Space is a vacuum meaning there is no oxygen or fuel for the fireball. An explosion would only be a brief, bright flash in the region of the explosion.

5. That red puddle that you see under your steak isn’t actually blood. Beef carcasses are drained of blood before they are butchered and processed. The red liquid that we get on our plate is a mixture of water and myoglobin, a protein found in muscle tissues.

6. It’s a myth that hyenas rely on lions to kill for them. Hyenas are such great hunters that they are more likely to have their hunt stolen from them by a lion.

7. If you ever get arrested, you cannot just remain silent and expect the cops to stop questioning you. The right to remain silent is given to every individual but it is important to state it out loud. Rulings by the Supreme Court have stated that you must vocally assert this right. One can also state that they will remain silent until they have a lawyer present.

8. It is a myth that people in England drink an obscene amount of tea. In reality, an individual in Ireland drinks more (4.831 pounds/year) but Turkish people top the list (6.961 pounds).

9. In movies, it is often depicted that a predator will drop whatever it is eating to eat you. In reality, however, predators don’t usually start a new meal if they see a human around.

10. It’s a long-running myth that camels’ humps store water. The humps of camels are filled with regular old fat. It’s their unique blood cells that let them store more water than other animals.

11. The sun is actually white when viewed from space, not yellow. The Earth’s atmosphere makes it appear yellow or orange, but from the International Space Station, it appears white.

12. It’s a myth that wolves howl only at the moon. The truth is that wolves howl to communicate. No matter if it’s day or night.

13. Many people believe that fire and lava would only burn them if it touches them. This is not true. Even if you’re a few meters away from an explosion, you can easily get flash burns.

14. Space battles depicted in movies and TV shows are very noisy. However, you can’t if you don’t have air

15. The communication between vast distances is often shown happening pretty fast in movies and TV shows. The average time lag for transmission between Earth and Mars in conjunction at their farthest apart can be almost twenty-one minutes. Now add another twenty-one for the way back.


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