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15 Of Your Favorite Shows And The Season That Ruined Them Forever

A Bad season of a Television show can be a spoiler and heartbreaking. Here are 15 of your favorite shows and the season that ruined them forever. 

1. True Blood: Season 7:-


The final season killed off many of its main characters in a meaningless fashion. Additionally, it overused new characters, giving them too much to do, and neglected established characters.

2. Friends- Season 9:-

Friends- Season 9

The Ninth season was to be the last and was written accordingly. But the writers had to rewrite the final episodes as the cast had renegotiated their contracts. Lastly, Rachel’s newfound love for Joey was very out of place.

3. X-files- Season 8:-


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The relationship between the two agents was the basis of the storyline. Losing one of the main leads of the show is always a problem. It left the fans wishing that the series had ended in the seventh season.

4. Roseanne: Season 9:-

Roseanne - Season 9.
Roseanne – Season 9

The last season was the weakest of the series. First, it showed Roseanne and her working-class family winning a lottery. Then the entire season was a masquerade of Roseanne hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Finally, it ended with the revelation that the lottery and the shenanigans were just a charade that Roseanne made up to cope with her husband’s death.

5.Scrubs– Season 9:-



Season 9 was supposed to be a spinoff. But the network wanted to continue the series because of its popularity. Also, the main character was bland, and the show lacked an original storyline. 

6. Gilmore Girls: Season 7:-

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore girls – Season 7

The creator Amy Sherman Palladino left the show, and so did the spark, pace, and wit associated with the show. As a result, a stunted and run-of-the-mill storyline and dialogues replaced the original.

7. Homeland: Season 3:-


Nicholas Brody, who the fans adored, was missing for half the Season 3. As a result, many fans felt disappointed. 

8. The Office: Season 8:-

The Office
The Office – Season 8

The pace slowing may either be due to Steve Carell, as Michael Scott, leaving the series or Pam and Jim getting together. James Spader as Robert California was a poor substitute.

9. How I Met Your Mother: Season 6:-

How I met your mother
How I Met Your Mother- Season 6

To say that Season 6 was the weakest would be an understatement. Zoey was manipulative and annoying. As a result, Ted’s interest in her didn’t make sense. The ending was atrocious and left the fans dissatisfied.

10. Dexter: Season 8:-

15 Of Your Favorite Shows And The Season That Ruined Them Forever
Dexter – Season 8.

Season 8 appeared unplanned and unfocused. Through the ups and downs of the series, the fans had hoped to see a gory end to Dexter’s romp. Instead, Dexter leaves everything to become a lumberjack which was unanticipated.

11. That ’70s Show: Season 8:-

15 Of Your Favorite Shows And The Season That Ruined Them Forever
That ’70s show – Season 8

Two main actors, Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, left the show for roles on the silver screen. Unfortunately, the show could not survive this critical hit. Donna’s new love interest, Randy, was a poor substitute for Eric. Also, the relationship between Jackie and Fez felt unreal and forced.

12. House Of Cards: Season 3:

15 Of Your Favorite Shows And The Season That Ruined Them Forever
House of Cards – Season 3

At the end of Season 2, Frank Underwood becomes the President of the United States, walking a path full of murder and mayhem. Unfortunately, while their journey to the top was fascinating, the show failed to retain the momentum. In the end, it turned into a workplace drama.

13. Prison Break: Season 2:-

Prison Break
Prison Break – Season 2

The storyline fascinated the fans. It had Michael drawing out a detailed plan to help his innocent brother escape prison. Consequently, Season 2 was not as riveting, as it lost the edge-of-the-seat storyline as the characters had achieved their goal- a prison break.


14. Sons Of Anarchy: Season 3:-

15 Of Your Favorite Shows And The Season That Ruined Them Forever
Sons Of Anarchy – Season 3

15. Game of Thrones: Season 5:-

15 Of Your Favorite Shows And The Season That Ruined Them Forever
Game of Thrones – Season 5

It was the most controversial season. Following a lot of hype and excitement, fans felt let down.

Bad endings can be a dampener and have ruined these 15 of Your Favorite Shows forever.

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