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15 Outrageous Instances Of Superhero Anatomy

If you lack the motivation to hit the gym, do yourself a favor by flipping through some pages of comic books. Comic book characters come with such buffy and badass bodies that it’s scary to imagine someone looking like that in real life. Superheroes not only defeat villains but anatomy and biology too with their muscles grown at places it’s practically impossible to achieve.

Take a look at some comic-book characters where the makers went a bit too far in adding muscles:

The one that looks like two walls of meat with fists.

Who do you think out of the two is the stronger one though?

The one with abs on top of abs on top of abs.

More than abs it looks like the craters of the moon

The one with legs that go on for days/weeks/years/millennia.

Rob Liefeld received a lot of criticism for giving a crippling deformity to Enchantress.

The one with Nightwing’s flexibility 

Dick Grayson is known for three things: Being Robin, being Nightwing, and being 90% ribcage.

The one with Mary Jane and her unbelievable waist

Spider-Man defeated the Green Goblin. Mary Jane defeated her waist and also human biology.

The one with sick abs instead of a human spine.

Is your waist as broad as your fists too?

The one where Namor can touch his knees

You’ve seen Namor with inhumanly large arms. Now see him with inhumanly long arms!

The one who is more chesticle than man.

It looks like Captain America ate America. Yikes

The one who is getting the most out of that Shake Weight.


She looks more bulked than the dudes at my gym.

The one whose life was really changed by yoga, honestly you should try it.

Apart from practicing law, Matt Murdock was probably a yoga instructor too

The one where they obviously have metal rods for spines.

Two possibilities, they either have a metal rod attached or their back is broken

The one who just isn’t in as good shape as he used to be.

Spider-Man seems to have stepped out of his home for the first time since the quarantine

The one with fists bigger than his head.

My art anatomy teacher would have flunked the illustrator of this character

The one who has a stray leg growing out of her butt.

No idea how she gets in that position. Maybe Psylocke’s other superpower is yoga?

The one where Cable looks disconnected 

Cable is going to need some serious support cables to keep that gigantic block of a body upright. Especially with those dainty little feet.

The one where Wolverine is too beefy

The artist of this panel had a choice. Either he could give Wolverine a neck, or he could give Wolverine even more shoulder muscles. I think we can all agree he chose wisely.


Which were the most disappointing anatomy illustrations for you? Tell us in the comment box below!


Source: BuzzFeed


Written by Muneer

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