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15 Pixar Characters That Were Secretly Launched

Pixar has mastered the art of adding easter eggs in its films. They’ve gotten so good, that they smuggle characters who don’t even exist yet into their movies and shorts without us noticing. Here’s a list of 15 Pixar characters that were secretly launched:

1. Royal Tapestry in Cars 2

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Pixar Characters That Were Secretly Launched

There’s a scene in Cars 2 where we’re inside a quaint British pub. If you look closely in the background, there’s a Cars universe version of the royal tapestry from Brave. It’s a picture of the Dunbroch family reimagined as cars.

2. Mr. Incredible in Finding Nemo

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Pixar Characters That Were Secretly Launched

Mr. Incredible was teased in Finding Nemo when A little kid in the vet’s waiting room was reading a Mr. Incredible comic book. This was a year before The Incredibles came out.

3. Newt Zing in Toy Story 3 

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Pixar Characters That Were Secretly Launched

There’s a Newt crossing sign stuck on Andy’s door in Toy Story 3. The reference was made but the Newt film that was supposed to come out in 2011 could never happen, The film was under development but got canceled because the story bared a striking resemblance to Blue Sky’s Rio.

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4. Finn Missile in Toy Story 3

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Pixar Characters That Were Secretly Launched

In Toy Story 3, Andy had put a poster of an Aston-Martin car in his room. Well, that’s actually the Cars 2 co-protagonist Finn McMissile who met a year later.

5. Dug in Ratatouille

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Pixar Characters That Were Secretly Launched

Before we knew him as the adorable canine from the 2009 Disney-Pixar film Up,  Dug was first spotted chasing Remy in the 2007 Disney-Pixar film Ratatouille. Only his shadow made a brief appearance on a wall



6. Forrest Woodbush in Inside Out 

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During a flashback into Riley’s memories, we get a visual of a family photo opposite a giant dinosaur statue on the roadside. If you look closely, that’s actually Forrest Woodbush, the Styracosaurus from The Good Dinosaur.

7. Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear in Up

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When Carl releases the balloons, we get visuals of the house flying past different places. Inside a house where a kid is playing, Lots-o-Huggin bear from Toy Story 3 can be spotted lying next to the bed.

8. Arlo in Monsters University

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The star of The Good Dinosaur, Arlo the Apatosaurus makes a brief appearance inside Monsters University scare emulator as a distinctly Pixar-ian toy.

9. Wall-E in Your Friend The Rat

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Before we knew him as the lovestruck protagonist of his self-titled film, WALL-E was spotted as a futuristic bus driver in the Ratatouille-adjacent short Your Friend The Rat.


10. Nemo in Monsters, Inc.

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2 years before Finding Nemo was released, a wide-eyed Nemo-like fish was spotted behind a chef who was preparing sushi

11. Incredibles 2 in Coco

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When Hector and Miguel were rushing to the talent show, there was a skeletonized poster for Incredibles 2 in the alley.

13. Coco’s guitar in Cars 3


The famous guitar from Coco was hanging in The Cotter Pin Bar in Cars 3.

14. Hank in The Good Dinosaur

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There’s a brief glimpse of the seven-tentacled octopus from Finding Dory named Hank when Arlo falls into a pond in The Good Dinosaur.

15. Luca in Soul



You’d only spot it if you’ve got an eagle-eye but there was a ‘Luca Airlines’ poster pasted on a travel agency in New York in the movie Soul that came months before Luca. 



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