15 Stunning 3D Chalk Art Made by Mother and Daughter for Neighbors.

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A 13-year-old girl named Olivia and her mother Jan Riggins have always been in love with the chalk art and before this pandemic they used to take part in several sidewalk art competitions whenever they had the opportunity for. But as we all know that Covid-19 has widely spread across the globe and people all around have been quarantined in their homes. Despite of that this mother daughter duo is trying to make their neighbors happy in this pandemic by creating some dazzling 3D Chalk Art on the roads in Texas. The mother, Daughter duo started their work by drawing a koi fish and their neighbors really liked it and from that point of time their art grew more and more. They began drawing in late march and have now completed several attractive artworks of sea turtle, a butterfly and even our favourite Baby Yoda. So let’s go and check these stunning 3D Artwork by ourselves.


1 Honey-Bee:

2 Beautiful Gold Fishes:


3 A Lovely Turtle:

4 Olivia’s Self-made Jellyfish:

5 A Dragonfly Birthday Surprise:


6 Adorable Baby Yoda:

7 A Stunning Butterfly:

8 So Cute Baby Seal:


9 A Fantastic Elephant:

10 Mr Potato Head!!

11 The Xbox Console:


12 Our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman…

13 Killer Shark:

14 A Defiant Crawfish:


15 A Spoon-And-Egg Race:

Source: Neringa Utaraitė


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