15 THOR Facts That Only True Fans Know About

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With Tony and Cap out of the picture, Thor is the only one remaining out of the big 3. His journey can’t be deemed as an easy one. After losing so much through the decade, Thor is back to embark on a quest for inner peace in Thor: Love and Thunder. Tons of interesting things have happened behind the scenes while shooting the entire saga. Here’s a compilation of 15 fun Thor facts and Easter eggs hidden within the franchise:


1. The World Tree called Yggdrasil that Thor explains to Jane can be spotted in Captain America: The First Avenger on the door behind which Tesseract was locked

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THOR Facts

2. In Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth improvised the line “He’s a friend from work!” A kid from the Make-A-Wish foundation suggested Chris to recognize the Hulk “from work.” Chris liked the idea and pitched it to Taika Waititi who included it in the movie

THOR Facts

3. Marvel asked Chris Hemsworth to get as buffed as he can for Thor. Chris took it so seriously that he grew big enough to not fit in his costume.

THOR Facts

4. Loki’s helmet would irritate Tom Hiddleston so much with its weight that, he would be genuinely agitated in most of his scenes

THOR Facts
THOR Facts

5. Stan Lee once pitched the idea to Kenneth Branagh of becoming Odin in the Thor saga so that he would have more than just a cameo. This however could never happen.


6. A lot of Ragnarok was actually improvised. When Marvel granted Taika Waititi freedom to shoot Ragnarok his own style, he started to use his usual happy-go-lucky filmmaking style. Taika would tell the actors what to say right before he would roll the camera. According to him probably 80% of the film was improvised.



7. Adding the Immigrant Song in Thor: Ragnanrok came with a heavy price tag for Marvel. Taika Waititi was keen on using the Led Zeppelin track and Kevin Feige was on the boat with him. The rights fee was reportedly in the seven-figure range.


8. There was apparently a scene of a woman leaving Valkyrie’s room in Thor: Ragnarok but the the clip was cut.



9. Thor: Ragnarok was partly inspired Flash Gordon. Taika Waititi took inspiration from the 1980 cult sci-fi film and added synthy-rock soundtrack with bright colours.


10. Christopher Eccleston and Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje were forced to memorize a language that the filmmakers of Thor: The Dark World had created for the Dark Elves.



11. Although he wore a wig in the first film, Chris Hemsworth spent a year growing his hair for the sequel


12. The Infiinty Gauntlet showed up in Thor: Ragnarok as an easter egg. Odin had it as a part of his treasures but Hela exposed it as a fake.


13. There was a tribute to Thor comics in Thor by using ‘Dutch angles’. Dutch angles, which are also called Dutch tilt or oblique angles, use X-axis camera tilts to enhance a disorienting or uneasy feeling in a scene.



14. Benedict Cumberbatch was offered to play Malekith in Thor: The Dark World but he refused the offer quoting that he’d rather wait for something better. His bargain worked and he was offered the role of Doctor Strange a few years later


15. At a point, Liam Hemsworth was closer to getting the role of Thor. Both brothers had auditioned for this role but Chris had his fate written




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