15 Times Costume Designers Hid Clever and Subtle Easter Eggs in Movies


While we barely pay notice to the costume that a character wears on the screen, there are efforts of hours that go into designing, picking, selecting, and sometimes adding clever details to the fits. These are 15 instances of costume designers adding clever and subtle easter eggs in movies:

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1. Steven Spielberg always wanted to direct a James bond film but he failed to get a nod from Eon studios. When Steven made Indiana jones 2, he dressed up Harrison Ford as James bond in this particular scene.

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2. In the Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the crown that the white witch wears starts melting as her powers diminished.

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3. In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), most of the hats that jack sparrow wore were made of rubber. This was because Johnny Depp was pretty darn careless with his leather hats. He would lose them so often in the water that the costume designer started making them out of rubber so that they would float instead of sink.

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4. In the Harry Potter movies, only snape’s costume was the one that never changed. According to Jany Temine, “It was perfect. When something is perfect you cannot change it.” Jany joined the franchise as the costume designer in Prisoner of Azkaban and changed most costumes except Snape’s.

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5. The bandana that Doc brown wears in Back to the Future: Part III is made from the shirt that he wore in Back to the Future: Part II

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6. In the Harry Potter films, the colour on Voldemort’s robes started to fade every time a Horcrux was destroyed. This implied that he was slowly fading away.

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7. The outfit that Stan Lee wore in his Avengers: Endgame cameo was actually based on his real-life wardrobe from the 1970s. Guess he looked pretty fly in the real life too.

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8. Ransom’s sweater in Knives Out (2019), seems to have some holes and a tampered collar. This detail was added by the costume designer to depict Ransom’s nonchalance towards his wealth.

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9. The colors of the outfits that T’challa, Nakia, and Okoye wore when they traveled to Korea in Black Panther represent the colors of the Pan-African flag.

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10. The blue dress that Wonder Woman (2017) wears is a nod to the 1975 Wonder Woman series.

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11. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) the patch that Finn gets from Kylo Renn’s lightsaber in Star Wars: Force Awakens gets repaired.

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12. Before all the action begins in John Wick’s life, he wore his wristwatch normally. However, he wore the dial face inside the wrist when he went into his beast mode. This is usually the way soldiers wear a watch in order to avoid the reflection of glass and be able to see the time while holding a rifle.

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13. Ron Weasley’s robes in Harry Potter appear dingier and duller compared to others as they’re hand-me-downs.

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14. In Wall-E (2008) since the captain is physically incapable of wearing the original captain’s uniform, he wears just puts it around his neck with the top button attached.

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15. The debate of whether or not the end of Inception was real or not can be settled by looking at a very minor costume detail. Cobb’s wedding ring. In the real world, he wears no ring on his hand whereas there’s always a ring on his hand in the dream. In the final scene, he has no ring so the “Happy ending” can be considered reality.

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