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15 Times Hollywood Actually Fed Us The Right Science

Hollywood sci-fi and action films are famous for feeding us bogus science. However, few exceptions have been made in the past. Take a look at 15 times when Hollywood actually fed us the right science:

The Martian

The Right Science

The film The Martian showed dust devils on planet Mars in of one the scenes. This is accurate as even NASA has captured footage of dust devils there in 2005.


Spider-Man 2

The Right Science

The scene where or spidey stops a moving train with his web might’ve seemed pretty impractical but in fact spiderwebs have enough tensile strength to attain that feat.



The Right Science

People suffering from amnesia are often mistaken as individuals who forget who they are. However, victims of amnesia actually have difficulties creating new memories. Memento did an accurate representation of the condition.


Finding Nemo

The Right Science

In of the scenes from Finding Nemo, Marlin gets stung multiple times by a swarm of jellyfish yet he doesn’t die. This scene is scientifically accurate as clownfish are immune to anemone, which have a sting similar to jellyfish.



The Right Science

The black hole effects that we saw in Interstellar were based on equations by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. His collaboration resulted in numerous scientific discoveries, according to Thorne.


Seven Pounds

In this film, Will Smith’s character commits suicide by getting stung from a jellyfish. The ‘Chironex fleckeri’ species of box jellyfish is known as the most deadly jellyfish in the world. One single sting is fatal enough to kill a man.


Deep Impact

The tsunami wave showed in this film is so big that it swallows NYC. Now that is exactly how big a tsunami near shore would look like.

The Expanse

The gravity laws and Einstein’s General Relativity theory shown in this film were actually accurate. right. When in space, you can’t see a person walking or standing normally due to the lack of gravity. Since they couldn’t possibly show characters floating weightlessly all the time, they used Einstein’s General Relativity to simulate gravity. When a character is seen standing or walking normally in space, they are shown moving within an accelerating vessel, which gives the appearance of gravity due to its accelerating force.


Finding Dory

Hank the octopus blending in perfectly with his surroundings in this film was something actual octopuses can do. “You literally come right on top of them and you never see them,” a marine biologist explained.


Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life

“The Galaxy Song” at the end of this film is accurate with most of it facts. Most of the measurements and numbers quoted in the song are true. Even Stephen Hawking has talked about it.


The Lion King

The hierarchy being followed by the hyenas depicted in The Lion King was based on real hyena traits. The trio was led by a female hyena called Shenzi and even in real life hyenas have a matriarchal society. Females appear bigger in size and more aggressive than males.


Breaking Bad

While not everything depicted in the series is true, Breaking Bad accurately depicted that scene where Walter was able to cut through a heavy-duty lock with thermite.


Finding Nemo

In the film, Bruce the shark gets emotional about never meeting his father. When female sharks get pregnant, they avoid male sharks as much as possible, even those who impregnated them.


John Wick 3

Since water is 1000x denser than air, a bullet shot underwater would at best the travel only about 2.5 feet. This scene from John Wick 3 was pretty accurate after all.



While it seemed pretty superhuman of Zac Efron and The Rock to carry two refrigerators, it’s actually possible for normal humans to achieve this feat. Since refrigerators are largely hollow from inside, they’re relatively light. A very strong person could carry two with ease.



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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.