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15 Times TV Shows Kicked A Crucial Character Out & Acted Like Nothing’s Changed

Many characters in TV shows left the show because of some or the reason. But several characters didn’t just leave the show; they literally disappeared all of a sudden and never came back. Below are 15 times TV shows kicked a crucial character out, and acted like nothing’s changed.

1. Sheri from 13 Reasons Why: Sheri didn’t appear in seasons 3 and 4. And she hardly appeared in seasons 1 and 2. But if she would’ve stayed in the show, her chemistry with Clay may have built up.

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2. In Degrassi: The Next Generation, many characters, including Kendra, Dave, Wesley, Terri, Arlene, and Leia, just disappeared, or the actors maybe wanted to move on.

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3. In The O.C., Alex and Zach were there to play each other’s love interests, but then suddenly they just disappeared after Season 2.

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4. In Saved by the Bell, Jessie’s stepbrother Eric was only seen in one episode. Like where did he go exactly after that!?

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5. In Glee, Sue’s baby Robin was hardly seen two times after she was born. Robin was Sue’s daughter, and in fact, Sue was the main character in the show. How did her baby disappear all of a sudden? She barely got any mention in the last two seasons.

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6. In The Vampire Diaries, Jamie, who was shown as Bonnie’s adoptive stepbrother, disappeared from the show really soon. Jamie may have had a genuine love interest for Bonnie, but before anything could happen, he vanished.



7. In Friday Night Lights, two main characters, Santiago and Waverly, disappeared, and no one even mentioned them again. Santiago was gone in Season 3 and never came back. Similarly, Waverly and Smash were in a relationship when Waverly vanished.

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8. In Gossip Girl, Serena dated Blair’s stepbrother Aaron Rose. They both go off on vacation together but never really come back. Serena just mentioned their breakup, and this was the last time he was mentioned in the show! We mean, he was Blair’s stepbrother!? Although people were happy after he was gone because, honestly, he was way too dull.

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9. In Season 4 of the famous show Elite, all the characters’ parents vanished in thin air. From Guzman’s parents to Nadia’s parents, no one showed up again. Except for Rebe’s and Ander’s moms. But the question is, where did they go?

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10. Tim from One Tree Hill was introduced as Nathan’s best friend in the 1st Season. But then he disappeared from the show. Though he appeared in an episode of Season 5, no one missed him on the show.


11. In 90210, Ty, father of Adrianna’s baby, showed up at the hospital to sign the adoption papers and never returned.


12. Mike from Pretty Little Liars was Aria’s brother, and he didn’t even come back for his own sister’s wedding!? This was quite weird too.

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13. Lindsay from The O.C. didn’t even show up to Caleb’s funeral. Everyone, including her sister, also forgot that she existed.


14. Another one from the list of 15 times TV Shows Kicked A Crucial Character comes, Darcy and Tori from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Both Tori and Darcy randomly moved away, and no one even bothered or maybe they just never existed for them.

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15. Both Jessie and Kelly from Saved by the Bell were gone from the show for a really long time. Though they made an appearance for graduation, they were hardly seen otherwise.

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