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15 TV Scenes Written So Well You Might Wanna Applaud The Writer

Watching TV shows when you’re feeling down is like leaning on the shoulder of a friend. TV shows for years have been providing us with praiseworthy content that is often the result of sheer brilliant writers. We appreciate what we see but we forget what goes behind it. Coming up with such innovative scripts is no easy job.

Take a look at some of the most iconic moments from TV that were written so well, you might want wanna put your hands together for the writer:

1. The “Bad News” episode from How I Met Your Mother had numbers hidden in the background that secretly counted down from 50 to 1. When the countdown ended, Lily broke the news to Marshall that his father died.

2. In The Haunting of Bly Manor, when the story concluded in the finale, it turned out that Hannah was actually staring at her own dead body in the well when Dani met her in the first episode.

3. In Community, when Annie mentioned the name “Beetlejuice” once in the first two seasons and after the third time an actual Beetlejuice appeared in the background, just like he does in the movie. (In the movie, Beetlejuice appears after you say his name thrice)

4. When an unrecognizable man was brought into the hospital in Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 5, and he turned out to be George when he traced the numbers “0-0-7” onto Meredith’s palm. This was a callback to George’s “007” nickname from Season 1

5. The plot twist at the end of The Good Place where Eleanor figured out that they were actually trapped in the Bad Place, but everyone was made to think they were in heaven.

6. In That ’70s Show, when the series concluded with everyone counting down to the new year, and the screen cut to black the second it became 1980. The show was about the ’70s so this scene was written perfectly well.

7. When the last scenes of the last episode of Modern Family perfectly mimicked the first scenes of the first episode by putting each character in the same position they were in 11 years earlier.

8. In Fleabag, when the Priest could understand that Fleabag was breaking the fourth wall and looking away from him to the camera so he surprised the viewers by doing it too.

9. When the opening and closing shots of How to Get Away With Murder, were made to be the exact same. Only the professor changed from Annalise Keating to Wes’s son, Christopher.

10. When Arya of Game of Thrones tried to kill the Night King, but he pinned her arm back, so she dropped the dagger but caught it with her other hand, and stabbed him.

11. This insane scene in Ozark, when the final line of Ben’s five-minute-long monologue to his cab driver cleverly revealed absolutely everything you needed to know about Ben and his mental illness.

12. In Veep, when Selina hoped that something majorly bizarre would happen in the news — like Tom Hanks dying — which would distract the media from reporting on her scandal in the first episode. She had an ill fate written as later, in the series finale, Tom Hanks’s death overshadowed the news of her own funeral.

13. In Parks and Rec’s, when Leslie got herself a free MRI during her blind date with Chris in Season 2, to which he told her that she had a body capable of having triplets. The first time Leslie got pregnant in Season 6, she got pregnant with triplets.

14. In This Is Us, when Rebecca saw Jack’s dead body in the hospital, there was a split-second flashback to young Jack which seemed like Rebecca was trying to preserve her memory of him.

15. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake got Philip Davidson to admit that he comitted the murder and even reveal how he pulled it off. Yep, all of us were surprised.


Which TV moment do you think has been written exceptionally well? Tell us below in the comment section!


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