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15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When Aired

15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When Aired

For most adults and teenagers, TV is an approach to get away from the present reality for only a tad bit of time. Notwithstanding, in some cases, the very television that creates an escape additionally gives them a voice, a picture of themselves reflected.
It may not be the first time these issues were on display; however, they were unquestionably the most impactful ones. A few shows even had many of these moments; however, no significant issue was left unseen or disliked with everything taken into account.

The following list takes a look at all the best historical minutes from TV shows that were a big deal then.

1. Absent Father – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When They Aired

In what is presumably the most emotionally discussed T.V. second, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 4 Episode 24, “Father’s Got a Brand New Excuse,” caught the sentiments and disarray that accompanies being deserted by a parent. When his dad returns to his life, and Will gets his hopes up to run them indeed, he can’t hold back the torment he feels. This gave a picture and a voice to each of those quiet victims whose parents deserted them early.

2. Pregnancy Termination – Maude

The “Dirty Word”: How Maude Laid the Groundwork for Discussions of Abortion and Class Privilege – Screen Queens

In November 1972, Norman Lear’s sitcom Maude kicked off something new on TV. In two episodes named Maude’s Dilemma Part I and II, the personality of Maude, played by Bea Arthur, discovers that she’s pregnant at 47 years of age. After wrestling with her decisions, she chooses to end the pregnancy. The subject of early pregnancy termination helped the show’s appraisals yet additionally brought setbacks and dissent that influenced T.V. for quite a long time.

3. Body Image At A Young Age- Full House

15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When They Aired

D.J. worries herself when she discovers she needs to wear a swimming outfit to Kimmy’s birthday celebration. She starves herself by skipping dinners, practicing excessively, and eventually harms herself by not eating. Her family is worried about her wellbeing and unreasonable vision of how she “needs” to look. It showed teens under the influence of TV.

4. Gay Rights – The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls circulated for seven seasons, from 1985 to 1992. In contrast to other sitcoms of the period, The Golden Girls followed four autonomous, more established ladies attempting to carry on as housemates in Miami, Florida.

It was the first time in a show someone was reprimanded for not allowing two gay partners to live peacefully together. In a scene, Blanche did not want her brother to marry a man, but Sophia told him that love is love and let them have a chance at lifelong happiness.

5. Deaf Characters – Switched At Birth TV Series

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Switched at Birth is another one of those shows that improved T.V. Before this show, deaf characters were just on the fringe of our focus, never the principal characters.
It made us fully aware of the battles and wins of an excellent, brought-together community. Characters like Emmett and Daphne showed us the significance of making the world equally open to deaf people for what it’s worth to us, hearing individuals. Through their eyes, we saw the hurt and disarray that can happen when pushed into stringent circumstances without any way to comprehend or convey.

6. Same Sex Marriage – FRIENDS

The one where 'Friends' helped keep me in the closet |

“The One with the Lesbian Wedding” is the 11th episode of the second season of the T.V. comedy Friends. It pulled in gentle controversy because of its depiction of same-sex marriage.

Ross’s ex Carol (Jane Sibbett) and her lesbian life accomplice Susan (Jessica Hecht) got hitched. Carol’s parents disapproved of the wedding, making Carol question her choice. Yet, Ross, who at first was reluctant to see his ex remarry, winds up being the one to urge her to proceed with the function anyway.

7. Interracial Kiss – Star Trek

15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When They Aired

Fifty years ago — a year after the U.S. High Court pronounced interracial marriage was lawful — two of Sci-Fi’s most enduring characters, Capt. James T. Kirk and Lt. Nyota Uhura kissed each other on “Star Trek.”

It wasn’t heartfelt. Cruel, humanlike outsiders constrained the white captain to lock lips with the delightful dark officer. However, the kiss between actors, William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols, in “Plato’s Stepchildren” helped change perspectives in America about what was permitted to appear on T.V. and offered an early expression about the coming acknowledgment of interracial connections in the United States battling with bigotry and social liberties.

8. Sex Not A Taboo –The Mary Tyler Moore Show

“We should get her some sex.”
Susan Silver says that was one of her main commitments as an essayist on The Mary Tyler Moore Show to normalize the issue . Playing the youthful housewife Laura Petrie few years earlier, Ms. Moore and her TV spouse, Dick Van Dyke, had been made to stay in separate beds . However, it was the 1970s now. Indeed, even great young ladies engaged in sexual relations. Ms. Silver  composing for The Mary Tyler Moore Show ensured that sex was not considered taboo.

9. Racism – in Recess

15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When They Aired

In this animated depiction of school life, Miss Grotke, a woman of color, vocalized how worrisome the textbooks in the USA were, showing her concern for the prejudiced education system in the states.

10. AIDS- A Different World

11 Topics "A Different World" Touched on Before It Was Trendy — Made In Stone

This show depicted an African-American teen, Josie, getting infected with AIDS by her High School boyfriend. In a scene, she feels empowered to read a poem on AIDS to remove the stigma amongst her friends in college.

11. Easy Firearms Procurement – The Simpsons


“The Cartridge Family” is the 6th episode of The Simpsons 10th season. It initially circulated on the Fox network in the United States on November 2, 1997. In the scene, Homer buys a firearm to secure his family, of which Marge disapproves. Homer starts to show very indiscreet firearm usage making Marge leave him when she finds Bart utilizing the weapon without their consent. The scene was planned to show weapons impartially. It showed how easy it was to procure guns in the States.

12. No Racial Segregation- Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

Won't You Be My Neighbor?' is a wonderful tribute to children's TV host Mr. Rogers | Movies | San Luis Obispo | New Times San Luis Obispo


Even though segregation was not the rule that everyone must follow in America by the end of the 1960s, black residents were not embraced as equivalent members in open life. This status was reflected at numerous local community pools with white individuals preventing Black individuals from sharing the water with them. In this atmosphere, Fred Rogers played out an essential yet significant demonstration in the series by welcoming Officer Clemmons, a Black cop on the show, to go along with him and cool his feet in a little plastic swimming pool. When Clemmons plunked down and set his feet in the water, directly close to Rogers, the two men broke a notable shading boundary.

13. Feminism – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

15 TV Show Moments That Were A Big Deal When They Aired

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, gave us a solid adolescent female lead. She was a tough girl while as yet staying feminine.
Buffy was one of the first feminists in a TV show. She urged us all to see the maximum potential of all females. She could stand her ground amongst “men.”

14. Substance Abuse – Saved by the Bell

In Saved by the Bell Season 2, Episode 9, Jessie’s addiction to caffeine pills is brought to the screen; no one had ever showcased the subject of substance abuse before. Since then, directors have been able to approach substance abuse on a deeper level.

15 . Trust Issues With the Black – Fresh Prince of Bel Air


The police caught Will and Carlton. The police released them after Uncle Phil’s “white friend” showed up.

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