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15 Weird Personal Items Of Celebrities That Got Auctioned Off

15 Weird Personal Items Of Celebrities That Got Auctioned Off

When you’re a celebrity, anything and everything that you own becomes of importance to your fans. Take a look at some really bizarre personal items of celebrities that auctioned off at eyebrow-arching prices.


1. A 19-year-old fan bought Justin Timberlake’s French toast slices for $1,025 back in 2000. The two pieces of signed toast were auctioned on eBay specifically.

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2. Justin Bieber who was once in news for keeping the most bizarre pets auctioned off his pet snake – a baby albino boa constrictor. The serpent even made an appearance with Bieber at the 2011 VMAs and got auctioned later that same year.

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3. Lauren Bacall once owned a pair of deer antlers that he later auctioned off. Soon after Lauren died, the antlers were auctioned for a price of $2,000. It was in fact one of her friends that bought the antlers.

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4. The first-ever tweet that Jack Dorsey made got auctioned off (as an NFT) for millions of dollars. The tweet isn’t even that special: it simply says “just setting up my twttr” (Twttr was Twitter’s original name.)

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5. Marilyn Monroe’s facial X-rays from 1962 got auctioned off in 2013. They were taken when she was 36, just two months before she had died.

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6. The famous cardigan that Kurt Cobain wore in his 1994 “Unplugged” performance got auctioned off – twice. The minimum (pre-auction) bid the second time around was $200,000.

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7. The Holy Father Pope Francis had an iPad that was sold off in an auction for a very hefty amount. The final bid fetch $30,500, and its proceeds went to a helping poor kids in Uruguay.

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8. Did you know John Lennon’s tooth was once on an auction? It fetched $31,200! Apparently, Lennon had given it to his housekeeper as a memento who ended up auctioning it many years later.


9. The typewriter that Hugh Hefner owned got auctioned off at a price of $162,500 in 2018. It was an Underwood Standard Portable typewriter which he used in college and also for typing the first-ever issue of Playboy.

9 4

10. In a bizarre incident, Former U.S President Ronald Reagan’s blood was stolen from a hospital and later auctioned off. Specifically, it was a vial of his blood that was sampled when he got treated after his assassination attempt as it was the President’s blood.

10 5

11. In a world of digital assets, Cara Delevingne is auctioning off her personal vagina video NFT. The NFT is of a video where she talks about her vagina and the extreme importance it has to her, saying things like “My first word was ‘mine.’ To me, that means something that is most mine – my vagina.”

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12. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake sold for a total of $4,160. Actually, it wasn’t even the entire cake – just a single slice that was two years old at that time fetched that sum.

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13. The iconic yellow cloud electric guitar that Prince owned got auctioned off from a starting bid of $30,000. THis was the same guitar Prince used in songs like “Cream” and “Gett off”.

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14. Carrie Bradshaw’s signature tutu dress from the opening credits of Sex And The City was auctioned. The money from the proceeds went to people affected by homelessness and HIV/AIDS.

14 4

15. Miley Cyrus auctioned a Caitlyn Jenner-themed artwork for a whopping $69,000. The money was used for charitable purposes given to an AIDS charity. The artwork was apparently a set of three copies of the Caitlyn Jenner “Vanity Fair” cover that were framed, bedazzled, and signed.

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