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15 Weird Things in Movies Which Are Actually Realistic

15 Weird Things in Movies Which Are Actually Realistic

There are these rare times when fictional movies depict things that seem fictional but are actually a representation of reality. Take a look at 15 weird things in movies that are actually realistic:


1. Bond wearing a crisp tuxedo under his wetsuit doesn’t quite make sense, does it? A Dutch secret agent however did the exact same thing during World War Il. Peter Tazelaar’s mission was to sneak two secret agents out of a Nazi-occupied casino, so he did something very ‘James Bond‘.

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Weird Things in Movies

2. Batman using the shark repellent spray in the 1966 version of the film might’ve seemed pretty silly. However, shark repellents are actually a thing!

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Weird Things in Movies

3. Steve Buscemi’s character was duct-taped to his seat in Armageddon after he loses control. That’s exactly what is to be done according to NASA when an astronaut shows psychotic symptoms. Binding them with duct tape and bungee cords!

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4. Ash in Army of Darkness uses a medieval mechanical hand in the film. A knight in the 16th-century had a very similar hand. Götz von Berlichingen was fitted with an elaborate iron prosthesis, which allowed him to grip his sword.

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5. In Mission: Impossible, Ethan Hunt hangs from wires to avoid triggering an alarm. Thieves did exactly that to rob a Best Buy store in New Jersey when they wanted to steal computers.

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Weird Things in Movies

6. In Star Trek, Chekov’s accent seems like a bad caricature. However, Walter Koenig copied his father’s speech patterns who was a Soviet-bloc immigrant.

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7. In the movie, The Phantom Menace, Amidala is a queen who gets elected into office by voters. Now that’s not really how monarchies work. However, elective monarchies are historically common. Many hereditary monarchies were originally elective, and a few still exist today.

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8. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull escapes in a bizarre plane-rocket-helicopter contraption. That was almost a real thing once. The Focke-Wulf Triebflügel never left the German drawing boards, as it was designed late in the war.

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9. In the movie Abyss, an oxygenated fluid helps divers reach abyssal depths in the ocean. That is not really a sci-fi thing- it’s real. Ed Harris didn’t have to actually breathe the stuff.

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10. In Jurassic Park, Lex goes in front of something that looks nothing like UNIX and says “It’s a UNIX system. That’s actually a real file manager named “fsn” that works on older versions of IRIX, a UNIX-based system.


11. The plot of murdering people and baking them into meat pies in Sweeney Todd seemed pretty absurd. Italian woman Leonarda Cianciulli actually did something similar. She, however, didn’t bake her pies with her victims’ flesh – only with their blood. She used the flesh to make soap.

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13. In Wonder Woman, Doctor Poison wears a mask that gives her an eerie, distinctive look. It’s also something she might wear in real life. During World War I, artists and sculptors were commissioned to make enameled, flesh-colored masks for disfigured veterans.

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14. In Doctor StrangeloveCommunists poisoning our precious bodily fluids” seemed like an exaggeration of the Cold War paranoia. However, that was an actual belief of the American right. Water fluoridation was denounced as “a method of Red Warfare” by right-wing papers in the 1960s.

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15. In James Bond: Thunderball, Bond’s iconic jetpack looks like another of the franchise’s impossible gadgets. However, that’s a real, working jetpack. It was developed by Bell Aerosystems for the U.S. Army. However, the Bell Rocket Belt was dissolved because of its disappointing performance.

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Written by Muneer

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