15 Wild Facts About the Actors Who Have Played Batman

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Being a Dark Knight takes more than just beating the crap out of criminals, and saying overly dramatic lines. From the earliest Batman to the newest one, here are some wild and weird facts about actors who have played Batman.


1. Robert Pattinson – The Batman

Actors Who Have Played Batman

Our most recent caped crusader, Robert Pattinson was just 12-year-old when he got kicked out of school. He was apparently caught selling porn to his schoolmates that he had shoplifted.


2. Michael Keaton – Batman, Batman Returns, The Flash

Actors Who Have Played Batman

Keaton has become the first actor in the history of Batmen to come back to the role. He decided to quit after his dislike for where new director Joel Schumacher was taking the role grew. Keaton is making a come-back after years later in The Flash.



3. Christian Bale – The Dark Knight Trilogy

Actors Who Have Played Batman

When it comes to giving commitment to a role, Christian Bale leaves no stone unturned. He has gained and lost a grand total of 610 pounds for his various roles from The Machinist to Ford v Ferrari.


4. Ben Affleck – Batman v Superman, Justice League

When Kevin Smith was planning to do the ‘Superman Reborn’ project, he initially thought of casting Ben Affleck in the role of Clark Kent.


5. Kevin Conroy – Batman: The Animated series

Kevin Conroy had a bunch of interesting roommates when he was studying acting in the 70s. He was sharing room with Kelsey Grammer and Robin Williams.

6. Adam West – 1960s Batman Show

Adam West spent decades lobbying to play Batman again, pitching wilder and wilder projects. He was disappointed when he wasn’t cast for Tim Burton’s movie.

7. Peter Weller – The Dark Knight Returns

Did you know, RoboCop was once the voice of Batman? Peter Weller lent his voice in the animated adaptation title the The Dark Knight Returns.



8. George Clooney – Batman & Robin

Geore Clooney once jokingly bet Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer $10,000 each that he wouldn’t get married or have children by 40. He then turned the bet into double for 50. The bet ceased when he married Amal Alauddin at 53.


9. Iain Glen – Titans

Despite being a multi-nominated actor, Glen also played villains in two video game adaptations – Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider and Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil.


10. Bruce Greenwood – Batman: Under The Red Hood, Young Justice

Bruce Greenwood was so passionate about skiing that he almost became a professional skier. It was fate that brought him close to acting an cinema.



11. Lewis G. Wilson – Batman (1943 serial)

Wilson was and still remains to be one of the youngest actors to ever play Batman. He was infact the first person who stepped in the shoes of the dark knight


12. David Mazuz – Gotham

David Mazuz has the same birth date as Batman – February 19th.


13. Guy Lewis – Batman Begins

The young Bruce Wayne of Nolan’s trilogy grew up to be a reporter in real life



14. Jensen Ackles – Batman: The Long Halloween

When Jensen ackles had to play piano for a role as a piano tutor, he acquired the skill in just 2 weeks.


15. Robert Pattinson – The Batman

Pattinson often makes up facts during his interviews to piss people off. He claims that he gets a certain high from doing it.




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