“15 years in a lab to make him superhuman”: Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Want To be the Guy Playing a Part ‘He’s Too Old For’

Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Want To be the Guy Playing a Part 'He's Too Old For'

Mark Wahlberg has made a name for himself as an action hero. From Max Payne to Transformers: Age of Extinction and more, his heroes bring more than character, they bring his biceps and prominent bulging muscles. But at 51 years of age, the actor is hearing the clock ticking.

The actor had previously admitted that his filming schedule and overall career in the film industry made him stay as fit as a fiddle. But over the years, he has realized that he can’t keep pushing his body like he did when he was young. But a few years ago, he wanted to give a project his all, but that was ultimately stalled.

Mark Wahlberg Wanted To Bulk Up Like Never Before For Languishing Project 

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

In an interview in 2019 with Men’s Journal, Mark Wahlberg, then 48 years old, said that he was giving it his all for The Six Billion Dollar Man, a silver-screen adaptation of the 70s television series. He said:

“Here’s a guy who was a test pilot, and then spent 15 years in a lab to make him superhuman. So I got a window. I don’t want to be the guy playing a part he’s too old for… I won’t lie—the biological clock is ticking.” 

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Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

During the interview, Wahlberg revealed that he begins working out at 4 a.m. It’s not difficult for him because he has a personal gym that’s equipped with the latest setup. From kettlebells and dumbbells to TechnoGym and VersaClimber, the man has it all and he surely knows his stuff. But above all, he knows that all of the top-of-the-line stuff is just to prevent one thing.

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Mark Wahlberg Is Training Hard To Delay The Impossible Life Event

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

In his Men’s Journal interview, Mark Wahlberg revealed that he’s trying to put off the inevitable as long as possible- his aging body. After all, whether he gets the part in The Six Billion Dollar Man or not also depends on how fit he can show himself to be.

The Uncharted actor revealed that in pursuit of fitness, he had suffered plenty of injuries over the years. From hands and shoulders to knees and elbows, he has suffered everywhere. But Wahlberg is dedicated and all in regarding this lifestyle- whether in films or life.

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Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

He said:

“I give it my best and do everything that I need to do to be prepared, and if it doesn’t work, it’s not for lack of effort. If I just show up and phone it in—like I’ve seen a lot of people do in the past—and then it doesn’t work, a lot of that is on me and what I didn’t give.”

But the star isn’t blindly going all in. He is dedicated to ensuring that he recovers fully, especially now that his age is affecting his body. Wahlberg also had a cryo chamber in his home as he eats healthy to ensure that he can stave off aging, injuries, and more.

However, the project itself has stalled for years and there has been no update on it for years now. So will The Six Billion Dollar Man get made? Who knows. But there’s another question-  how long can Wahlberg stave off the real effects of age before they show up even on-screen? That will be interesting to witness.

Source: Men’s Journal 

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