$150M Will Smith Film Titled “Tonight, He Comes” Showed Him Killing Women With Superhuman Org**m

$150M Will Smith Film Titled "Tonight, He Comes" Showed Him Killing Women With Superhuman Org**m

Will Smith’s Hancock was released back in 2008 when superhero movies were very new to the cinematic world. The movie went on to make over $629 million, beating its critics who cried the film was nonsense and unwanted. While people have more or less forgotten the movie just as Will Smith has lost his box-office charm, the original script of the movie was filled with vile, dark, and incorrigible details.

Will Smith's starred in the 2008 Hancock
Will Smith’s starred in the 2008 Hancock

The original script of Hancock, titled “Tonight, He Comes“, written by Vy Vincent Ngo had a hideous storyline involving superhuman org**m and a self-obsessed pervert.

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Original Hancock Script Was Filled With Distressing Details

Hancock became one of the highest grossing movies
Hancock became one of the highest-grossing movies

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Hancock went on to become 2008’s fourth highest-grossing movie, giving Will Smith, his one of the biggest weekend openings in the US. The financial success of the movie was little affected by the critical reviews it received, and fans loved the messy superhero Smith plays.

However, the original Hancock, titled Tonight, He Comes was never planned to become a fan favorite. Instead, it was a nightmare-ish story about a drug p*rn addict who goes on a rampage to inflict as much damage to women in order to satisfy himself. Tonight, He Comes seemed like a crime report of the foulest of s*xual offenders.

The movie, had it been actually made, would have showcased what would happen if we give superhuman strength to criminals. Since the movie would have depicted a caped superhero (or villain) as someone who repeatedly smokes, swears, watches p*rn, and ends up killing women thanks to his superhuman org**m.

Thankfully the caped murderer storyline was dropped before it could destroy Will Smith’s nonexistent career.

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Tonight, He Comes: A Superhero Story?

Original Hancock was not a Superhero story
Original Hancock was not a Superhero story

Described initially as based upon the typical ‘he just needs someone to save him’ storyline, it was far from that. Rather it was more of a ‘somebody needs to cast him into the depths of the earth to rot in eternal agony and suffer unrelenting torment’.

Essayed as a real, challenging take on the Superman mythos, the apparent superhero finally settles on Mary (a married woman!) as his road to salvation. What follows is Hancock forcibly kidnapping Marry, and then going on killing the town’s policemen by literally ripping apart their limbs and tossing them away like toys.

So much for a superhero movie and take away from the cliche superhero, it doesn’t take much time to realize why the original Hancock script was dropped.

You can stream Hancock on Netflix.

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