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16 Dumbest Choices TV Teens Made

Teen shows are engaging in the right amounts. Some teen TV shows were on-point and aced their game. Yet, there were, and still are, some characters in these teen shows that made the dumbest of choices. We probably didn’t realize they were so dumb then but looking back, they could have been better. Let’s look at the dumbest choices TV teens made.

1. Ben and Amy get married in The Secret Life of American Teenager, and (to top that) they did that using fake ids.

Ben and Amy in The Secret Life of American Teenager,
Ben and Amy

2. This one is among the dumbest things I have ever seen and heard on teen TV shows. Debbie on Shameless gets pregnant purposefully at 15 and also says that she knows what she wants.

Debbie telling Fiona that she got pregnant on purpose in Shameless
Debbie telling Fiona

3. In Pretty Little Liars, Emily dates the same person who once tried to drown her.

In Pretty Little Liars, Emily dates the same person who once tried to drown her.
Pretty Little Liars

4. Peyton from One Tree Hill believes Ian is her brother simply because of the same hair and eye and color, and oh! Also, because he said so.

Ian on Peyton's porch saying he's her brother Derek

5. We all saw how good Rachel in Glee was with music and how Funny Girl was her goal, but she gave that away for a TV show. 

Rachel in Glee
Rachel in Glee

6. This happens in almost every teen show. Despite Delilah’s constant warnings about Henderson in You, Ellie still goes to his house. 

Ellie and Henderson in You
Ellie and Henderson

7. Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hannah not telling the truth to their parents or anybody else, for that matter, was the dumbest choice. 

Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars

8. Rory and Dean made the choice of sleeping together in Gilmore Girls even though he was already married.

Rory and Dean Gilmore Girls dumbest choices TV teens
Rory and Dean

9. Lucas cheating on Brooke with her best friend, Peyton, in One Tree Hill:

Lucas And Peyton One Tree Hill dumbest choices TV teens
Lucas and Peyton

10. Gossip Girl: Chuck’s horrible decision of “giving” Blair to his uncle, Jack, in exchange for the hotel. Who does that? 

Chuck and Blair -Gossip Girl dumbest choices TV teens
Chuck and Blair

11. Archie’s confession in Riverdale for a murder he didn’t commit felt stupid on so many levels. He did that to save his family from the sufferings of the murder trial.

Archie trial Riverdale dumbest choices TV teens
Archie’s trial

12. Callie and Brandon were together despite being foster siblings. They were even adopted together as siblings.

The Fosters Callie & Brandon Relationship dumbest choices TV teens
Callie and Brandon

13. The group in Thirteen Reasons Why let Ani in their lives. Her annoying and nosy nature wasn’t going to help anyone, but still, that happened. 

Ani 13 Reasons Why dumbest choices TV teens

14. It was far from comforting to watch Ani date the sexual abuser, Bryce, in Thirteen Reasons Why, even after being warned. She did realize her mistake, though, after a long time.

13 Reasons Why Ani and Bryce dumbest choices TV teens
Ani and Bryce

15. The relationship between Adam and Eric in Sex Education wasn’t really a wise decision, since Adam was the one who bullied Eric in the first season.

Eric and Adam in Sex Education dumbest choices TV teens
Eric and Adam

These were some of the dumbest choices TV teens made. Tell us what you think!

Written by FandomWire Staff