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16 Of The Most Hilarious and Wholesome Moments From “The Boys” Season 2

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Warning: The following article contains full spoilers for The Boys Season 2!

If The Boys has taught us anything, it’s that if you have superpowers, you can easily do whatever you want with little to no consequences. The second season of the series concluded with The Boys succeeding in stopping Vought from expanding Compound V.
Within a span of just two seasons so far the show has managed to grab the attention of millions of viewers across the globe.

While fans are gearing up for season 3 to see more of The Boys and the future conflicts regarding Vought and The Seven, we’re taking a look back at some of the most hilarious and wholesome moments that took place in the second season.

When The Church of the Collective had The Deep take psychedelic mushrooms and his gills started to give him a full-fledged therapy session:

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When The Deep tried to stop The Boys by bringing in a whale in their path but they drove their boat right through the mammal.

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When Annie and Hughie casually started jamming to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” together in the car.

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When Annie and Mother’s Milk bonded talking about how their dads took them out to places.

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When we found out that Stormfront and Liberty were the same damn person.

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When we found out that Stormfront was a Nazi and Fredrick Vought’s first successful Compound V patient

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When this version of Madelyn Stillwell turned out to be Doppelganger in Lingerie and Homelander got grossed out

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When Homelander killed Doppelganger as he was doppelganging as Homelander

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When things were breaking out of control with the Supes at Sage Grove and Mother’s Milk got attacked by a 20-foot-long penis.

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When they delivered this cold open with a subplot of a civilian murdering a man he thought was a supervillain.

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When Black Noir was seconds from killing Annie, but then Maeve swooped in with the ultimate save

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When almost thought that Vought was finally about to break at the Senate hearing, but then everyone’s heads started popping like a balloon.

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When Senator Neuman made Alastair’s head explode, heavily implying that she was the one behind making everyone else’s heads explode at the Senate hearing

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When Queen Maeve, Starlight, and Kimiko were absolutely ending Stormfront/Liberty, and Frenchie made this lovely callback

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When The Deep discovered that A-Train was planning on getting back into The Seven instead of him and vented out his frustration on The Church of the Collective

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When Kimiko and Frenchie had this wholesome moment together and then Frenchie actually takes her out for a dance at the end of the season. 

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Make sure to tell us about your favorite moments from The Boys Season 2 in the comments below!


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