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16 Signs That A Movie Is Going To Be Absolute Garbage

16 Signs That A Movie Is Going To Be Absolute Garbage

Movies are a huge source of entertainment as well as a way of reflecting the lives of people. They have the power to influence their audience by the message they give through their work. But, many a times some movies just turn out to be a complete waste of time. And there are signs that audiences have noticed that indicate sometimes indicate if the movie is going to good or bad. So, here are. 16 Signs That A Movie Is Going To Be Absolute Garbage.

1. The movie with the byline ‘A Redbox EXCLUSIVE!’ is a total miss.

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2. The comedy movies in which the main amusing scenes are all incorporated in the trailer. Although, it remains no more funny to the audience when shown in the movie.

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3. There are many characters of a particular franchise like The Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Woody Woodpecker, and Clifford, that at times become the reason for the failure. Because no one wants to watch such characters any more.

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4. The opening scene of the movie sets the mood for the audience of the rest of the screenplay. However, when a movie opens with an intimate scene or nudity it does not engage the audience well. As it is only downhill from there.

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5. Also, the streaming service’s description tells enough about the movie. However, when it is just a list of the celebrities and their accolades instead of the story of the movie, it isn’t very pleasing to the audience.

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6. When the movie is publicized well ahead of its release through TV commercials. It helps to attract the audience before the word of it being bad gets out.

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7. The purpose of the trailer is to captivate an audience. It is inclusive of the most exciting, funny, or otherwise noteworthy parts of the film. But, sometimes the music stops so that the main character can say something very extraordinary which isn’t likeable to many.

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8. Sometimes a movie opens with the shot of a bedside clock or the main lead of the film waking up. It makes the plot very predictable and cliché for the audience. This is one of the signs that a movie is going to be absolute garbage.

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9. The movies that are a remake of the great ones loved by most of the people.

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10. Most of the Disney movies have the damn ‘I know what you’re thinking’ bit trend going on. Here they have to be self-aware and come up with some fresh ideas instead of repeating the same things.

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11. Some studios quote fake glowing reviews about their movies from some publications in rural areas like North Dakota. As an audience we cannot rely on them as no one has ever heard of them.

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12. Also, September is  not a good month for films. Although August being the leftover of the summers, there is usually a good release that pops up here and there.

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13. Remakes of remake, and even the movies inspired by a true story do hold the audiences’ attention well but end up being disappointing.

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14. The horror movies with PG-13 always falls short.

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15. Many times when a sequel of a movie comes out a decade or more after its predecessor like in Grease 2. It is not appreciated much by the audience.

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16. When the advertising is blatant it doesn’t leave a good impression on the people’s mind about the plot of the film.

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