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20 Times Ellen Made Her Guests More Than Just Uncomfortable

Ever since she was named the “Funniest Person in America” by Showtime in 1984, Ellen’s career trajectory only skyrocketed. However, the end of an era was announced on Wednesday when Ellen stated that she would no longer continue her celebrated daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the 19th, and the final season concludes in 2022.

After nearly two successful decades of airing the most prominent talk show on TV, Ellen is pulling the curtains down. But what’s the cause behind it? Well, Ellen and the staff of her daytime talk show had to deal with a serious reckoning after several former employees came out and made disturbing allegations of toxic workplace behavior by several of her top executives, including reports of sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault.

Many members of the show’s crew even spoken up about their cold off-screen experiences with DeGeneres. Moreover, a lot of instances have taken place on-screen during her show that has made several guests uncomfortable. While the show will be remembered for its funny bits, charitable moments of giving, and plenty more, we’ve compiled a list of moments where Ellen had us raising our brows:

1. When Ellen wished the Fifty Shades Of Grey star a happy birthday and asked about her invite. Dakota told that she did send an invitation but it was Ellen who didn’t show up:

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2. In 2007 when Ellen poked fun at Celine Dion’s son by asking her when was she going to cut her son’s hair. Celine questioned Ellen back by asking whether she had a problem with it or if it is any of her business.

3. In 2016, Ellen sent Justin Timberlake a clip of her singing his hit of the summer “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. However, she confidently sang the wrong lyrics:

4. In 2012, when Taylor Swift was close to a breakdown as Ellen kept mocking her dating history and insisted that she was dating Zac Efron, when, in fact, they weren’t dating and have never dated:


5. When Ellen mispronounced Hasan Minhaj’s name and then insisted that he was the one saying it wrong, when, in fact, in fact, Hasan knows how to pronounce his own name:

6. When it slipped off from Ellen’s mind that Katy Perry was married even though Ellen had sent her a wedding gift:

7. In 2015 when Ellen shared a paparazzi photo of Justin Bieber which was released showing the then 21-year-old nude while on vacation. She later grilled him about the woman he was with, even though he was, in fact, quite uncomfortable:

8. In 2016 when Ellen took Michelle Obama to CVS and caused a ruckus, which resulted in Michelle telling Ellen that she was, in fact, being “annoying” and it was like “taking a three-year-old to the store.”

9. When Ellen either purposefully or not sang the wrong lyrics as “If I Could Turn Back Time” in the presence of Cher, and Cher did either jokingly or not, called Ellen a “bitch”

10. When Ellen patronizingly asked Martha Stewart if she knew the concept of sexting. Martha told her that she did, in fact, know what sexting was:

11. When Ellen tried to deny that she went on tour for her comedy special, and Wanda Sykes produced the tour merch she was gifted, proving that Ellen did, in fact, go on tour:

12. When Ellen offered to pay for a guest’s college tuition and then had to rescind the offer. Ellen then offered her a computer, but the guest, in fact, already possessed a computer:

13. When Ellen kept playing and touching Kylie Jenner’s hair without seeking Kylie’s permission to touch her hair. The discomfort was clearly visible on Kylie’s face.


14. When Ellen then made a joke about Drew Barrymore’s daughter drinking at the age of 6, when, in fact, Drew herself began drinking at the age of 9 and is very open about her battle with addiction:

15. When Ellen forced Mariah Carey to reveal that she was pregnant on her show when, in fact, she was not ready to make that announcement. Several weeks later, Mariah had a miscarriage:

16. When Ellen forced Channing Tatum to kiss a porcelain doll despite knowing that he has a phobia.

17. When Ellen analyzed Nicole Kidman’s infamous clap from an award show on her screen. Nicole stated enough number of times that she doesn’t clap like that:

18. When Ellen brought the daytime talk show host Wendy Williams on her show. The negative energy between them was palpable. Ellen clearly was less quirky than usual and let Williams do most of the talking

19. When Ellen got Caitlyn Jenner on her show and asked her views on same-sex marriage. Jenner was openly conservative before her transition and during their conversation, Ellen pointed this out in a seemingly offensive way. Before making her gender transition, Jenner was openly against same-sex marriage before her views changed. Ellen, however, still challenged Jenner to see if her views really did change and the tension was pretty evident.

20. When Ellen played a game with Sofia Vergara that apparently attacked Vergara’s accent by forcing her to say words she would find difficult to pronounce and won’t sound as they are intended to sound. The interaction is humiliating, to say the least, and hard to watch.

Which other guests do you think Ellen made uncomfortable on her show? Tell us in the comment section below!

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