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16 Versions Of Batman Throughout Ages.

“I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!”

One of the most Badass and recognizable comic book superhero of all time is Batman. Proven to be one of the smartest heroes in the DC universe, Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Batman has his alter ego the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, whose parents were killed in front of his own eyes when he was a young boy. And since then with that guilt in mind Bruce decided to become the Caped Crusader and protector of Gotham City. He protected his city from such criminals with whom the normal cops were not able to fight, and with each enemy he fought he made some drastic changes with his Bat-suites in order to win the battle over his enemy’s. Batman’s appearance throughout history has been very mysterious. He has kept on changing his suits in order to fight the powerful criminals and villains of both Gotham and the World.

#1 The barbarian Batman of 500 BC:

#2 The Dark Knight From The Dark Ages:

#3 Batman From The 14th Century:

#4 Batman Of Gotham In The 1459:

#5 Samurai Batman And The Ronin Joker From 16th-century Japan:

#6 Samurai Batman in his ceremonial attire:

#7 Batman The Defender Of The Western Frontier:

#8 Victorian Era Batman:

#9 Batman and Scarecrow In The Late 19th century:

#10 Steampunk Batman Of An Alternate Turn-Of-The-Century Gotham:

#11 The Batman of the 1920’s:

#12 Rockabilly Batman, The 1950’s Greaser:

#13 Comrade Batman Of Soviet-era Russia:

#14 The world’s greatest Detective In 1972:

#15 A Near-Future Batman Of The Post-Apocalyptic Plains:

#16 The Batman Of Gotham From The Year 2054:


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