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17 Deleted Scenes From Your Favorite Movies That Never Made It To The Final Cut

Ever left wondering why some amazing scenes don’t make it to the movies? Occasionally some gold material is left out of the final part. If featured, these unused snippets could either grow or blow the movie. But the director was probably right as these could have changed the aftermath of the movie. Here are some of the greatest deleted scenes that were filmed but didn’t make it.

1. Aliens (1986)


A deleted scene from The Aliens special edition, released in 1992 reveals how the 57 years of hypersleep affects Ripley psychologically. Broken by the news of her daughter’s death, Ripley cries over her unkept promise to be at her daughter’s 11th Birthday.

2. X-Men: First Class (2011)


This hilarious deleted scene probably explains the bitter rivalry between Charles and Erik. Here Charles dares to use his power to portray the great Magneto in women’s attire as they recruit members. That’s right, Michael Fassbender did dress up as a woman for this scene and unapologetically slayed it. Sad that the scene never made it to the movies.

3. It (2017)


The movie would lose track if Georgy simply took his boat from Pennywise and went home. Though it was filmed as a joke this opening could raise some alternate buildups for the movie.

4. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)


A specific death of a crewmember gave a hard time to our otherwise impassive Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott. This deleted scene reveals that the dying recruit was actually Scotty’s nephew.

5.Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)


This excellent deleted scene released on a limited edition of Terminator 2 serves us with some amazing VFX. John and Sarah Conner are seen modifying Terminator’s default setting by manually operating his CPU. As a result, we see more of an empathetic and humane war machine by the end of the movie.

6. Mean Girls (2004)


I swear we all thought that Regina would somehow get back at Cady after the bus accident. But to our surprise, the girls never had another argument. This deleted scene explains why that actually happened. Turns out Regina and Cady made up just before the spring fling king/queen announcement.

7. Blade Runner (1982)


We didn’t really understand the significance of the origami unicorn which was left behind by Gaff. Until this shot from the director’s cut was released. In this sequence, Deckard is daydreaming about a unicorn. Perhaps, hinting that Gaff knows about Deckard’s dreams as they’re implants. However, Deckard’s true nature is still in question, depending on which element you consider as canon.

8. The Thing (1982)


The Thing might have had the perfect ending for a sci-fi horror classic. Nevertheless, an alternate director’s cut was released. Escaping in the form of a husky, the thing managed to survive. This quite changes the trajectory of the film. Therefore the endings have generated a lot of theories.

9. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


In a scene released in the ultimate edition, a SWAT team is seen invading a Kryptonian ship. They find Lex Luthor standing in front of Steppenwolf who fades away in thin air with three motherboards. Unlike any tiny post-credit scene this shot revealed some legitimate plot points. The scene titled Communion was originally made as a post-credit scene but was later opted to post online.

10. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)


So after all Obi-Wan Kenobi did want to tell Luke about his family’s truth but couldn’t. This deleted scene explains why. Here the Jedi master takes much longer to die than he actually did in the final cut. Answering some of Luke’s (and our) questions, Yoda on his deathbed reveals that he forbade Obi-wan from disclosing the truth about Skywalkers’ father.

11. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1


This beautiful touching scene which never made it to the director’s cut offers a little redemption to Dudley Dursley. Harry had to go through a lot during adolescence thanks to his bully of a cousin. Here Harry and Dudley finally get to reconcile as they go their separate ways. Fans were upset but at least got to see this shot in live-action.

12. The Wizard of Oz (1939) – The Jitterbug


The movie originally contained a dance number called the Jitterbug. Apparently, the scene cost $80,000 to make and five weeks to shoot. However, it was deleted to reduce the runtime of the movie. The tune was also considered to be a little upbeat for the dark tone of the movie.

13. The Avengers (2012)


Following the events from Captain America: The First Avengers, a full 3-minute clip of cap has been deleted from The Avengers. Here Steve Rogers is seen going through the repercussions of his 70 years of sleep. Baffled in the 21st-century cap tries to find his place in this modern world. The clip even has a Stanlee cameo.

14. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


A heart-to-heart conversation between father and daughter about their complicated relationship was released as a deleted scene by MCU. It gave some insight into Thanos and Gamora’s strained history which is otherwise absent in the movies.

15. Jaws (1975)


The Jaws 1975 classic delivers some memorable kills and thrills and has few amazing deleted scenes. The questionable character of Captain Quint is seen in one such clip. In search of a fishing line strong enough to catch a shark, Quint enters a music store to buy some piano string. In addition, he’s seen disturbing a child at the store.

16. Kill Bill Vol: 2 (2004)

A surprising element about the Kill Bill saga is that we hardly get to see Bill (David Carradine) in action. The director (Quentin Tarantino) was kind enough to drop a throat-slitting deleted scene. (Literally) Bill encounters a man seeking revenge for his master’s life. However, Bill gains the upper hand effortlessly and cuts the enemy down with his blade as he’s left to bleed to death.

17. Lethal Weapon



Riggs Martin is a psycho but a good one. This deleted scene is based on a school shooting. With a cigarette hanging from his mouth Riggs unloads his entire clip as he shoots down the sniper. Mel Gibson delivers a remarkable performance in this scene of a dope shoot-out.

Which of these deleted scenes do you think should have been included in the movie. Share with us in the comment section below.

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