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17 Magnificent Pieces Of Harry Potter Fan Art.

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“The Boy Who Lived Has Come To Die”

The Year was 1995 when a British author named J. K. Rowling wrote a magnificent book on a special boy, and a castle which came to be known as the story of Harry Potter. Though at first Rowling’s master-piece was rejected by many publishers but soon they released and more than 500 million copies were sold globally making this the bestselling series ever produced. The from November 16, 200 till 7 July 2011 was the period when eight movies, based on these brilliant books came in and soon it was loved by millions of fans. The world created by Rowling needs no description, as it includes death, friendship, bravery, courage, and love, plus the cast the was picked to play the role of Harry Potter characters, those memorable scenes, and moments from the movie makes Harry Potter loved by fans world-wide. So today in order to relive your childhood again Fandom Wire has decided to depict some breath-taking Harry Potter Fan Art. So without wasting much time let’s re-live the magical world again.

1. HP4L:

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2. They’re Just Like Us:

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3. A New Relationship:

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4. Always:

4 1

5. The Boy Who Lived:

5 2

6. Fawkes:

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7. The History Of Houses:

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8. The Three Brothers:

8 2

9. Hogsmeade:

9 2

10. Underwater World:


11. Prisoner Of Azkaban:

11 2

12. Hagrid:

12 1

13. The Golden Snitch:

13 2

14. The Burrow:

14 2

15. Professor Albus Dumbledore:


16. J.K. Rowling’s Favorite Fan Art:

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17. Hogwarts = Home:

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Art-By: Jacob Waitkuweit


Written by FandomWire Staff

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