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17 Of The Wildest Celebrity Parties Ever

Parties are so much fun when you’re surrounded by family and friends. While a slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream, and a few balloons would please anyone on their special day, this type of party is never enough for many celebrities. With their unlimited cash and A-list friends, some celebrities plan wild parties. And since they are used to being the prime focus of gatherings, they ensure that their parties go mind-blowingly epic.

With their unlimited budgets, these A-listers have held outrageous birthday parties with unusual themes. Keep scrolling to find out who throws themselves the most lavish party:

1. Kaley Cuoco’s husband hosted a party for her that was all about his love for Kaley. The guests showed up wearing necklaces that said ‘Ryan Loves Kaley’. The decor was themed pink (Kaley’s favorite color) and had horses (Kaley’s favorite animal) all around.

Actress Kaley Cuoco (R) and Ryan Sweeting

2. President of Russia, Vladimir Putin celebrated his 63rd birthday with a hockey-themed birthday bash. NHL players played a game at his party and it was broadcast live on TV

3. When Katy Perry threw Orlando Bloom his 40th birthday party, she set up a photo booth that offered guests the chance to pose in a picture with a naked Bloom from that flesh-flashing day in Italy.

4. Cardi B celebrated Offset’s 29th birthday in the middle of a pandemic that featured Offset’s name in lights and a photo of him surrounded by jewelry and cash

5. Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday party on a stage in front of her fans. She arrived in a helicopter and later joined her friends on a stage while her fans partied beneath her

6. Margot Robbie held an unbroken 24-hour party to celebrate her birthday. She started the party at 9 in the morning which included an ‘under-the-sea karaoke’, a western-themed section, and bars that turned filthier every hour.

7. Guests showed up looking like shit (literally) when Kim Kardashian held a poop-emoji-themed birthday party for her daughter North. Apparently, North is fond of the poop emoji so her mother decided to set the theme of her birthday party as poop emoji.

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8. Miley Cyrus threw a Hannah Montana-themed anniversary party. The guests got cut-outs of Miley’s face with her golden wig to take pictures with and the cake was, of course, a bright pink guitar.

9. The Olsen twins once threw an Olympics-themed birthday party where they made their guests perform activities like dunk tanks, relay races, and obstacle courses.

10. Kylie Jenner once threw a Handmaid’s Tale-themed birthday bash for one of her friends where she decorated her home to look like Gilead and even gave out red robes to the attendees

11. Adele being a Titanic aficionado put the theme of her 30th birthday party as Titanic. She even got herself the iconic staircase made where she posed like Rose

12. The theme of Kirk Douglas’ 101st birthday party was simple: Kirk Douglas. Guests showed up dressed as characters from his film.

13. For his 32nd birthday, Drake held a 2000s themed birthday party. For getting the decor ready, he bought things like a Blockbuster video wall, 7-Eleven Slurpee machines, and a replica of 106 and Park set.

14. Ariana Grande liked the Midsommar movie so much that she threw a Midsommar-themed birthday bash. The venue was full of floral centerpieces and Ariana even got a May Queen gown made.

15. Vanessa Hudgens threw a party that was 100% Lord Of The Rings themed. She dressed up like Arwen for her 30th and even used a tent that was used in Lawrence Of Arabia

16. For her 21st birthday, Paris Hilton threw herself five parties at five different locations: New York, Las Vegas, London, Hollywood, and Tokyo. She spent $75,000 on each of the guests that attended the five-night birthday event.

17. The guest list of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday party included his male friends like Tyrese, Adam Levine, Russell Simmons, and Robin Thicke. The remaining 80% of the attendees included supermodels.

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