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17 TV Moments Meant To Be Serious But Were Unintentionally Funny

17 T.V. Moments Meant To Be Serious But Were Unintentionally Funny

These are some moments on TV that were meant to be serious, but were so out of place, they ended up being unintentionally hilarious. Here are some TV moments that were funny!

1. The track “Hide and Seek” started playing when Marissa shot Trey on The OC.

The Hide and Seek Scene.
The Shooting Scene.

2. K.C. delivers this dramatic comeback while arguing with Jenna on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

TV moments that were funny!
K. C and Jenna: The Basketball Scene

3. In the Show 7th Heaven, Simon puts his middle finger up while playing around with his friends, and everyone acts like it was the most shocking thing ever.

TV moments that were funny!.
7th Heaven :A Hilarious Scene.

4. On the show, The Originals, Elijah delivers this theatrical line:

The Originals
Elijah- The Dramatic Scene.

5. When Meredith reveals that Penny killed Drake in a dinner party scene on Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy.
The Famous dinner scene.

6. This one is one of the best TV moments that were funny! When Ezra boasted about his Master’s Degree on Pretty Little Liars.

TV moments that were funny!
Pretty Little Liars: Ezra’s Masters Degree

7. When Fitz and Olivia had the super tricky scene of phone sex on the show Scandal.

The Scandal
Olivia and Fitz.

8. When Veronica told Archie they couldn’t break up because they were Endgame on the show Riverdale.

Archie and Veronica
An Emotional Scene

9. The scene in The Secret Life of an American Stranger, when Grace honestly believed that she had killed her Dad by having sex with Jack.

TV moments that were funny!
Secret Life of The American Teenager : Naïve Grace!

10. The scene where Betty was diagnosed with serial killer genes on the show Riverdale.

Betty, The Serial Killer.

11. The scene where Jessie takes caffeine pills and breaks into a rendition of this iconic song in a special episode of Saved By The Bell.

Saved By the Bell.
Caffeine Pill Scene

12. The scene in One Tree Hill where a dog eats Dan’s transplant heart.

TV moments that were funny!
The Dog ate the Heart!

13.The very random and odd musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

TV moments that were funny!
Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Episode.

14. In the episode of One Tree Hill, where Nathan tossed Payton’s CD out of the car, she didn’t respond to it till they had driven away.

Nathan and Payton
The Late Reaction.

15. When Derek dramatically threw Meredith’s engagement ring in the air and hit it with a baseball bat on Grey’s Anatomy.

Depressed Derrick
The Ring Scene.

16. In an episode of Secret Life of an American Teenager, Ben tries to comfort  Amy by telling her she’s his whore.

Ben and Amy
Secret Life of an American Stranger.

17. The episode of Dawson’s Creek where Dawson ugly cried on being rejected by Joey. This was another gem of TV moments that were funny!

TV moments that were funny!
Dawson’s Creek : The Ugly cry.


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