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17 Times Kids Movies Had Scenes So Emotional Every Adult In The Room Cried

17 Times Kids Movies Had Scenes So Emotional Every Adult In The Room Cried

Kids’ movies always hold a special place in our hearts. However, upon rewatching some of them, we realize just how sad some scenes were. Here are scenes from our childhood movies that will make a grown man cry. 

1. Lilo and Stitch

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In the scene where Stitch is leaving, Lilo says, “I remember everyone who leaves.” Afterward, Stitch is bawling in the forest, saying, “Im lost.” 

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  2. Bridge to Terabithia 

Prime Video: Bridge to Terabithia

The scene in “Bridge To Terabithia” where Leslie dies is one of the most emotional scenes in the history of animated movies. The scene cemented the finality of death in all our minds. 


3. The Land Before Time

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In the scene from “Land Before Time,” Little Foot innocently sees his own shadow and mistakes it for his mother. When he finally realizes it’s not his mother, the narrator says, “He knew for certain he is alone.” It caught all of us way off guard. 

4. Dumbo

10 Things We Learned on the Set of Tim Burton's DUMBO - Nerdist

Dumbo is a beloved part of our childhoods. But that one scene in dumbo where his mother is locked up and taken away from him is simply heartbreaking. 

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5. The Fox and the Hound 

The Fox and the Hound - A Movie Review | Geeks

In the movie “The Fox and the Hound,” the old lady has to leave poor, unsuspecting Tod in the woods. Especially when she turns around, and we see a tear rolling down her cheek. 

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6. Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey | Full Movie | Movies Anywhere

In “Homeward Bound,” the end scene is where the realization sets in, that the shadow won’t be coming home after all.

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7. Coco

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In the movie “coco,” the final scene where Mama Coco finally crosses the bridge with her Dad after having a daughter gets the waterworks flowing.

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8. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc 3: Release Date, Story and Everything You Need Know - Stanford Arts Review

Monsters, Inc. is a beloved, joyous movie. However, the scene where Sully bids farewell to Boo and leaves her door is most definitely emotional. 

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9. Moana

Audiences will fall in love with “Moana” | The Daily World

In “Moana,” before the “I Am Moana” song ensues, her grandmother comes back in spirit and tells Moana to go home because she tried her best. This scene, in particular, sent chills down everyone’s spine. 

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10. Baymax, Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6' is a smart, sweet superhero flick - Polygon

 In “Baymax, Big Hero 6,” after losing Tadashi, Baymax is his remnant memory that Hiro is holding on to. “I cannot deactivate until youre satisfied with your care” gets a different meaning once the viewers realize that. 

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11. The Iron Giant

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In “The Iron Giant,” when the Iron Giant sacrifices himself to stop the nuke and save everyone, most definitely had tears rolling down everyone’s cheeks. 

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12. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 (2010) English Subtitles Download - Subtitles SRT Download

in “Toy Story 3,” when our beloved Andy gives Woody, Buzz, and all other toys to Bonnie, it makes for an emotional, heart-wrenching scene.

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13. WALL-E

Watch WALL-E | Full Movie | Disney+

The iconic end of “WALL-E” is when he loses his sense of being, and his personality has everyone bawling. 

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14. The Neverending Story

NeverEnding Story' is returning to the big screen

In “The Neverending Story,” the heartbreaking scene Atreyu loses Atrax in the eternal swamp of sadness was sad to see as a child but just painful to see as an adult. 

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15. Inside Out

A Few Lessons Leaders Can Learn From The Movie Inside Out | by Sandeep Kashyap | Medium

The flashback of the daughter acting like a silly toddler when goofball collapses in “inside out” hits hard when you realize that the daughter will never be the same again.

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16. Mulan

Mulan' Movie Facts | Mental Floss

The scene in Mulan where the father hugs Mulan, throwing aise the medallion, and not once seeing her sword gets everyone. He didn’t need those things to know that his daughter was a warrior. 

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17. My Girl

My Girl | Netflix

“‘Where are his glasses? He can’t see without his glasses!’ — My Girl.”


Which Childhood movie scene made you cry the hardest?

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