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17 Times Our Favorite TV Characters Had To Die Because The Series Was Nearing Its End

WARNING: Massive spoilers ahead

Deaths on our favorite TV shows induces so many emotions in us. It’s a special type of sadness that is triggered in our heads when we see an ill-timed, unnecessary, and unexplainable death of a good character from our favorite TV show. These heartbreaking and tragic ends to characters we come to know so well are pretty hard to deal with, especially when it happens during the finale of the series.

Take a look at some characters who seem to have been killed off just because their series was nearing its end

1. Dean from Supernatural

Dean’s death on Supernatural proved Castiel’s sacrifice to be completely useless. Killing him off with a nail was just poor scriptwriting.

2. Daenerys from Game of Thrones

Well, a lot of deaths on Game Of Thrones feel rushed and stupid but nothing tops off Dany dying.

3. Jaime from Game of Thrones

We saw many unjustified deaths of some great characters in Game Of Thrones. However, Jaime’s character had one of the most beautiful character arcs which the makers simply ruined.

4. Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Anya dying to save Andrew felt like such a waste; she was just at the start of her arc, and no one seemed to care that she died.

5. Tiffany from Orange is The New Black

There were multiple deaths that felt needless on this Orange is The New Black. Instead of leaving a message of hope through Tiffany, the makers gave her a tragic death in the final episode.

6. Justin from 13 Reasons Why

Justin put himself through so much only to become a better version of himself towards the end of the show. Awareness of AIDS is a must but they didn’t have to do him this bad.

7. Mary from Sherlock

Mary was the only important female character of the series in season 4 but the makers decided to kill her off too. It was tough watching John go through hell and turn against Sherlock.

8. Andrea from Breaking Bad

Watching Jesse suffer tied up was GRUESOME. They made the death super callous by killing Andrea right in front of his eyes.

9. Oliver from Arrow

One might think that it was nice for Oliver to have died to save Barry, but it was really disappointing that Oliver didn’t get to finally live out his days in peace.

10. Enzo from The Vampire Diaries

It was not Enzo who we feel bad for but Bonnie who got deprived of all her happiness due to his death. It was tragic watching her help the guy that killed the love of her life and celebrate his wedding to her best friend.

11. Freddie from Skins

Freddie was BRUTALLY murdered and nobody knew shit about it until the last few minutes of the finale.

12. Wren from Pretty Little Liars

Wren would have been a more ideal villain in the finale than Spencer’s secret identical twin. They had a perfectly good villain and the makers decided to kill him off.

13. Silver’s baby from 90210

Silver discovered that she has cancer directly after she lost her baby which she had planned. It was utterly sad because all the other characters got their fair share of happy endings except her.

14. Jin from Lost

Jin and Sun were separated due to various confusing time travel elements but were reunited eventually. Their death was too heavy on our hearts and one out of the two should have thought about their kid.

15. Misty from American Horror Story: Coven

Misty really didn’t deserve it in the finale of Coven when she was shown stuck forever in her own personal hell. It was super dark of the makers to do that for the plot.

16. Dani from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Dani and Jamie’s love story was so beautiful and earned everyone’s support. It was SUPER hard coming to terms with Dani’s death.

17. Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

At first, they made the show short, second, we had to witness the loss of both versions of Sabrina. Could they have made it any worse?

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Source: BuzzFeed