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17 Times TV Shows Went Too Far

We love all the TV shows for what they succeed in delivering. Most of the time, it touches our hearts and makes us fall in love with them. But how far can they go until it becomes cringey and unacceptable? After all, there’s a fine line that, if crossed, is enough to ruin the plot for us or make us hate it altogether. These elements prove to be an unnecessary drag and make us feel like the story would have been better off without them. We have made a compilation for 17 such times when the TV shows went too far. Let us warn you, this is going to give you some max level cringe! 

1. Hallucination in Grey’s Anatomy

Tv Shows went too far
Ghost sex in Grey’s Anatomy

This is the creepiest thing ever and had to be the thing on our list—the scene where Izzie is shown to be able to hallucinate her dead fiancé. The level of intimacy with a hallucination (or whatever it was) is unimaginable and cringey.

2. Walt took it too far.

He was his friend/mentor/business partner

Breaking Bad became very famous and intrigued many by the twists in the storyline. But the lead role, Walt, took it too far too many times. But the most disapproving was when he killed his own business partner. This is where people started to lose interest in the plot.

3. 13 Reasons Why – Extremely disturbing scene

13 Reasons Why season 2: When is the bathroom scene? Why was it included? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |
This is way too much to take

The show was already categorized and criticized for the kind of theme it is based on. In addition to this, the show displays a scene featuring Tyler’s harassment. The bullies put his head in a toilet and raped him with a broom handle. This is definitely one of the TV shows that went too far.

4. Betty in Riverdale


Watch Betty's Sultry 'Mad World' Striptease In Our Riverdale Exclusive Clip  - MTV
The scene is way too awkward

This scene is where Betty is standing in a bar, surrounded by strangers, her mom, and her boyfriend’s dad. She, being a minor, strips in front of them. The scene was way too awkward, and the show took it too far.

5. Child Abuse in The 100

TV shows that went too far
Unusual mom-daughter duo

Madi suffered a lot of pain in the name of ‘protection’. Clarke makes her adoptive child, Madi, go through abuse using a shock collar. 

6. “Scott’s Tots” in The Office

tv shows that went too far
He feels guilty for not having the money

This is the episode where he reveals that he doesn’t have money for the kids’ scholarship while they are celebrating him. This scene seemed unnecessary. Michael Scott is loved, and we don’t want ANY reason to second guess that.

7. Buffy and Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Story Behind Why Spike Sexually Assaulted Buffy | The Mary Sue
She manages to stop him but he went too far

We all saw them end their relationship. But what hurts the viewers most is the new side of Spike they see after it, particularly when he isn’t ready to accept the break-up and tries to force sleep with Buffy.

8. Danny and Mindy are a no-no.

Tv shows went too far
She deserved better

If we ask everyone who followed The Mindy Project about who Mindy should’ve ended up with, we will all agree that it shouldn’t have been Danny. He tried manipulating her, catfishing her, left her alone when she needed him more, and even body-shamed her. Then why did she end up with him? 

9. “The Puerto Rican Day”

22 Seinfeld (The Puerto Rican Day) 9 ideas | seinfeld, puerto ricans, day
The producers went too far with this

Comedy is entertaining but challenging to succeed at. But when the line for “calling it funny” crosses is a big bummer. Unacceptable moments remain unacceptable even under the tag of “being funny,” just like in this episode. One of the TV shows that went too far for showing Kramer disrespecting the Puerto Rican flag in Seinfeld.

10. The X-Files

The X-Files' Darkest Episode Revisited | Den of Geek
One of the most creepiest episodes

The show was originally going to be about alien abductions of astronauts, but they switched the script for something more “realistic”. The graphic content they showed on “Home” was horrifying and hence, is one of the TV shows that went too far. The Peacock family, the pig, and on top of that, claiming to be inspired by actual events didn’t really make anyone feel good. 

11. The Simpsons

tv shows went too far
The episode was banned in Russia

The show has managed to create a lot of enraged controversies despite being so popular and loved. But there were many incidents when the show went too far to portray “comedy”, especially against strong beliefs in various countries, like the episode where Homer enters a church to follow a game (similar to that of a Russian vlogger). The Russian archpriest opposed the content and banned the episode’s airing in Russia.

12. Cocaine incident in Shameless

Fiona reacting to an unconscious Liam

The show makers, in an episode, make Fiona leave cocaine on the kitchen table. And to everyone’s surprise, then showed a little kid suffering due to this. The effect it might leave on the viewers’ minds is something they should’ve thought of. This is exactly what we mean by taking it too far.

13. Eleven and her “lost sister.”

Stranger Things 2: In defense of chapter 7 |
The episode felt unnecessary

Stranger Things is among the best thriller shows today, and it puts you (literally) on the edges of your seats. But there’s one episode that is entirely off-point for the character arc and the plot as well. It is still unclear why Eleven was shown to be so impulsive and was sent on a killing spree. The set of events don’t even add up. The “twist” was completely unnecessary, and the series would’ve been better off without it.

14. Dany’s downfall

Game of Thrones finale: Why everybody's so mad about Daenerys Targaryen - Vox
The end disappointed many

Game of Thrones is known for bringing in the best (or worst) twists to the show’s plot. It caught the viewers by surprise, for most of the time, during its run. But in order to bring back the “unexpected” to the plot after the story became too easy to predict from almost impossible to predict, the TV shows makers went too far. Fans had speculated Daenerys Targaryen’s defeat but not in the same manner, for which the character grew hatred. 

15. Family Guy 


Screams of Silence: Story of Brenda Q. | Family Guy Fanon Wiki | Fandom
Humorous or not, it is unacceptable

The Family Guy creators tried very hard to bring a few topics onto the TV screens sensitively. The show displayed many instances of controversies and became the reason for an episode to get banned by American networks. The episode shows a wife suffering from domestic violence and abuse. The worst part is that it is depicted humorously. Don’t go that far, people!

16. Tommen and Margaery 

Tommen On 'Cheeky' Sex Scene With Natalie Dormer
The scene was weird and awkward

In Game of Throne, the show producers went a little too far when they paired up the under-aged Tommen and the over(?)-ambitious Margaery. The sex scene among the two was cringe-worthy.

17. Veronica, her boyfriend, and her mother

Veronica and Kevin in bed together

In Shameless, since Veronica is not able to get pregnant she asks her mom (yup, her MOM) to have sex with them. It doesn’t end just here, her mother ends up liking it with her daughter’s boyfriend, and it turns into becoming a recurrent event. This is one of the TV shows that went too far, way too far.

Tell us how weird you think these are.