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17 TV Shows & Movies That Forgot How Aging Worked

TV shows and movies often go all out on the plot to deliver the content to the audience. Sometimes they don’t bother to fine-tune the details. One such detail may be the age of the character. There are many TV shows and movies where the characters have been inconsistent about the details of their age. The visual details are also to blame. Sometimes creators completely miss out on what a person of that age is supposed to look like. Here are a few shows and movies that didn’t take aging too seriously.

Padme had a decade to change something about how she looked or did her hair.

17 TV Shows & Movies That Forgot How Aging Worked

Ron Weasley doesn’t look the same age as the others.

17 TV Shows & Movies That Forgot How Aging Worked

Jennifer Lawrence is too young to play a mid-thirties woman.

17 TV Shows & Movies That Forgot How Aging Worked

Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell as mother and son are just too weird to look at.

If Emily, according to Lily Collins is 22, she would have watched Gossip Girl when she was 9 years old. Shambolic parenting.

About two decades on Tattoine was too stressful for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Riverdale having actors in their mid-20s depict teenagers trying to ask someone out for prom.

Tyrion didn’t really look like the baby brother of the twins.

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Cossette is just a few years old when Valjean rescues her but a decade later, she’s an adult.

Regina George surely didn’t look the part of a student, more like a narc.

Tobey Maguire was already 28 when he played a teen in the first Spider-Man. They just stopped trying at the third.

Lily and James died at 21, but they appear middle-aged in the Mirror of Erised.

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Florence Pugh certainly didn’t look like a 13-year-old kid in the classroom scene.

Peggy Carter didn’t age from when we saw her in the first Captain America film and then in Endgame.

Jason Earles surely didn’t fool many by playing a teen kid at 29 years.

We meet Kaitlin Cooper as a young kid in the first season of The O.C. The next time we meet her in season 3, she’s almost an adult after just a year in the show’s timeline.

Alan Ruck was 29 during Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so he didn’t really play a very convincing teenager.


These were a few TV shows and movies with weird handling of aging. Do you have any more? Feel free to share your favorite ones with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

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