171 Million Views: Dwayne Johnson Humbly Refuses to Take Credit For Breaking a Daunting WWE Record With His Return

Dwayne Johnson impressed his fans by refusing to take any credit for record-shattering comeback.

171 Million Views: Dwayne Johnson Humbly Refuses to Take Credit For Breaking a Daunting WWE Record With His Return


  • Dwayne Johnson recently made an electrifying comeback in WWE Raw Day 1.
  • The Rock refused to take any credit and thanked his fans for a record-shattering 171 Million views.
  • Dwayne Johnson's fiery speech hinted at a potential clash between The Rock and Roman Reigns.
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Dwayne Johnson took the WWE Universe and the internet by storm when he returned in the Day 1 edition of RAW. Little did the fans know that The Rock was the former champion, Triple H hinted at the return of. The comeback proved record-breaking, as the People’s Champ scored 171 million views across all the platforms.

Dwayne Johnson on WWE Monday Night RAW
Dwayne Johnson on WWE Monday Night RAW

However, Dwayne Johnson spread a message of humility among his fans as he denied any credit for breaking the WWE record. The audience, who got an electrifying start for this year by The Rock’s return to the sport, also praised him for staying true to his fans. The Rock also took to another social media post to reflect on the cheering he received on making his comeback.

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Dwayne Johnson refused to take credit for WWE’s viewership record

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

A former WWE champion and a Hollywood star, Dwayne Johnson, is regarded as a global icon. The Red Notice star has always maintained an incredible image among his fans. Recently, when his comeback generated a social media record of 171 million views across all WWE platforms, Johnson did not take any credit for it.

The fans were overwhelmed as the People’s Champ took to his Instagram and humbly thanked all of his fans for the record-shattering response to his comeback. The Rock wrote:

“Not a bad days work.
The people break the records, not me.
I just try and look cool, don’t screw up and not cuss too much 😈💀🎤
Love U back.”


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A similar situation was witnessed when Dwayne Johnson returned to SmackDown Live and devastated Austin Theory with The People’s Elbow. It also generated an electrifying response and garnered 103 million views. However, CM Punk broke the record as he got 40 million views within 24 hours before The Rock shattered it again.


As The Rock took the internet by storm and excited the audience with his electrifying aura, the fans expect massive forthcoming entertainment in the WWE Universe. With Rock’s fiery speech at RAW Day 1, the fans are geared up for a potential face-off between the People’s Champ and the Tribal Chief.

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What is waiting for The Rock after this comeback?

Roman Reigns (via WWE)
Roman Reigns (via WWE)

The fans were taken aback when Jinder Mahal turned up on Day 1 of WWE’s RAW. They did not expect him to be the former champion Triple H was referring to. However, it was proved not true as very soon, Dwayne Johnson conquered the show by making an electrifying appearance in San Diego.


Jinder Mahal, who was seen trash-talking about the United States of America, was taught a lesson by The Rock with a spinebuster and a People’s Elbow. When the Brahma Bull took on the mic, he raised another buzz-worthy moment by hinting at a possible face-off with his cousin and the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

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The Jumanji fame mentioned in his speech that he would love to sit at the Head of the Table. Several WWE veterans and fans were electrified on hearing this and alluded that we might soon see a potential Dwayne Johnson vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Although we do not have any confirmation, it would be a spectacle for the hardcore WWE fans.

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