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18 Creepy DC Concept Art That Never Made It To The Movies!

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“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”-Batman

The DCEU has proved to be a somewhat disappointing world to follow, especially for comic book fans.
Having a lot of isolating films and creative decisions. Eventually, Warner Bros. lacked in the properties of management and belief.
Thus it resulted in hurting them and thus making it hard enough for fans to love the movie.
But gradually, things are changing, and the future looks way brighter as a result.
Though these movies didn’t get the hype and fame they had expected, there’s still a lot to love about them.
Movies like the Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Batman v.s. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Justice League didn’t receive that much love from fans, and neither did they got a good response at the box office.
Still, we at FandomWire have decided to look back at some concept art from these movies that it had made it to the film would have been sick enough to earn right at the box office.
Sounds interesting…
Let’s hop into this gallery to find out ourselves how creepy can this 18 concept art could be that never made to the movies and what if they did?
That’s something we’ll cover for the next what if.

#18 Evil Retarded Superman:


#17 Toxic Joker:


#16 Scarecrow Joins Task Force X:


#15 DEATH:


#14 Batman Gives Joker A Death Ride:


#13 Man-Bat Comes Back To Life:


#12 Batman v Superman Doomsday Concept Art:


#11 Spooky Man Of Steel Costume:


#10 Enchantress:


#9 Dark Knight Rises Bane Concept Art:


#8 Batgirl Suit:


#7 Scary Monoski:


#6 Justice League Dark Concept:


#5 Evil Bat-suit To Be Used Against Superman:


#4 Jared Leto’s Joker And Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Concept Art:


#3 Ares Wonder Woman:


#2 Brainiac Storyline of Bryan Singer’s Superman:


#1 A Brand New BatcycleA Brand New Batcycle:


Believe it or not, if this concept art would have made the condition of the DC Extended Universe to the big screen.
These pieces would have literally made the DCEU be on the next level.
In this article, we have heard a lot about concept art.
But what exactly does concept art means?
So basically, Concept art is a form of drawing that is used to fetch an idea that can be used in various platforms like movies, games, animation, videos, comic books.
Various other methods before the art were put into the final product.
Thus to have a rough idea of the movie or character, the directors need concept art.
These VFX artists really do a great job of making these concept arts.
Thus making fans fall love with them.


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